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Five amazing things you can buy with the money you save with the GB scholarship

From an unforgettable gap year to a house deposit, here are some ideas on how to spend the £7,500* you could save with Queen’s GB scholarship

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1. A foot on the property ladder

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While £7,500 might not be enough of a deposit to get a mortgage for your own home outright, it could still get you on the property ladder through a shared ownership or shared equity scheme. This involves purchasing part of the property and renting the rest. A £7,500 deposit could get you a 90% mortgage on a 50% share of a £150,000 property.

2. A flash convertible

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So £7,500 might not buy you a brand new sports car, but it can get you a pretty decent second hand model – yes, even one with a flashy convertible roof. How about an Audi A4 Cabriolet? With the money you’ve saved on your scholarship, you can splash on a 2003 oil-burner or 2004 petrol version. What a way to roll up to lectures!

3. A once-in-a-lifetime gap year trip

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You can book a round-the-world trip taking in South Africa, Australia, South America and the US for as little as £2,100. Considering you need to budget at least £20 a day for food, travel and accommodation – you can enjoy a luxury gap year trip lasting 270 days with the money you’ve saved.

4. Almost two year’s free rent

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The average student rent in Belfast is £113 a week. This is already lower than other parts of the UK; in London, for example, you’ll pay upwards of £210 per week**! At that rate, £7,500 will get you 66 week’s accommodation. With term-time contracts lasting 38 week, that is almost enough to see you through to third year rent free!

**Source, 2017

5. Fund your Master’s or PhD

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A postgraduate qualification can give you the edge in the ever-competitive global job market. The average cost of a postgraduate taught course at Queen’s is about £5,500 (for 2018 entry) so £7,500 can afford you the luxury of considering further education after you graduate.

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*Applies to eligible students receiving AAB at A-level