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Calista Arthey

History and Archaeology | 1st year | Colchester, England

18 year old student who came from England to study at Queen's - I study my passions (History and Archaeology!) and am also an exhibited artist and writer. Lover of the old-fashioned, and serial avoider of the gym. Play pool with my friends an incredible amount since I moved, yet I still manage to be a absolutely terrible player.

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Living in Elms: Queen's student accommodation

Calista Arthey, History & Archaeology | 26 January, 2017

Moving away from home and settling into new surroundings is often a daunting and worrying event.

Calista with friend in the student union

My first semester of History and Archaeology

Calista Arthey, History & Archaeology | 13 January, 2017

So my first semester has, perhaps too swiftly, come to an end.

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Starting University with mental health issues

Calista Arthey, History & Archaeology | 5 December, 2016

Mental health problems are becoming an increasing issue for young adults across the world, and these issues can have a significant effect on life at university.

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7 ways I cope with student stress

Calista Arthey, BA History & Archaeology | 21 November, 2016

With a hundred thoughts pacing through my head, I glance at my calendar once again – 3 deadlines next week. 3 essays from 3 modules. All 2000 or 3000 words each...

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