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A day in a life of an MA Media and Broadcast student

Shuk Kuen Yau, MA Media & Broadcast | 23 October, 2019

From starting her day the zen way to staying on top of current affairs, MA student Shuk Kuen Yau ('Yumi') from Hong Kong explains how she fits everything in to just 24 little hours.

The people who inspired my confidence at Queen’s

Yi Kang Choo, LLB Law | 22 October, 2019

The journey from Malaysia to Belfast was nothing compared to the journey of self-discovery Law student Yi Kang Choo embarked on at Queen’s. In this blog post, he lists the supportive people he favourited on What’s App in his first year.

The Best Cinemas in Belfast

Si Yee, Biomedical Sciences | 21 October, 2019

Our resident movie fan, Si Lee, a Biomedical Sciences student from Hong Kong on the top places to catch the latest blockbuster in Belfast.

A Weekend Adventure In Northern Ireland

Clare Rhine, MBA | 21 October, 2019

Queen’s MBA student Clare Rhine and some of her new friends at Queen's bundled up for a day of exploring the North Antrim Coast. They saw it all, including the famous Giant's Causeway and The Dark Hedges!

NI Bureau

Q&A: What Happens During Queen’s Career Development Programme in NYC?

Christian Green, BA Film and Theatre Making | 14 October, 2019

Final year Film & Theatre Making student Christian Green spills everything you wanted to know about Queen's Career Development Programme in NYC

Photo from aeroplane window mid flight

17 Things You Should Know About Living Abroad

Jessica Gambrill, MBA | 14 October, 2019

Queen’s MBA student Jessica Gambrill, from Minneapolis in the USA, has lived abroad in two separate continents for over six years so she knows a thing or two about living, working and studying away from home. Here are her top tips.

Photo of go global week banner outside elmwood hall

Experiencing Go Global Week at Queen’s as an International Student

Molly McIntyre, MSc Pathology of Cancer | 14 October, 2019

Why stay still? Queen’s is a gateway to a wealth of study, work and volunteer abroad opportunities, as the recent Go Global event demonstrates. Where will you go next?

Image of a signpost to destinations around the world

5 Things We Learned at the Go Global International Fair

Queen's Student Blog | 10 October, 2019

The highlight of Go Global Week, the International Fair offers students a snapshot of the life-changing study, work or volunteer abroad programmes offered as part of their degree at Queen’s. Here is what we learned.

Female student looking out the window of the law library

The Seven Emotions of Results Day

Queen's Student Blog | 13 August, 2019

Exam Results Day can feel like the biggest, and scariest, day of your life. All your hard work has paid off and you’ll finally see the rewards of that effort. But before you open that envelope there's a whole host of emotions you'll go through.

grad banner quad 767

Behind the Scenes at Summer Graduation: The Stats!

Queen's Student Blog | 27 June, 2019

One hall, two tents and lots of students! Graduation Week is a huge celebration of talent as final year students prepare to take their first step into the world outside of University. But you might be surprised what happens behind the scenes!


A-Z of Queen’s Clubs and Societies

Queen's Student Blog | 17 May, 2019

From chasing a puck at the bottom of a swimming pool to strutting your stuff like a KPop Star there’s no telling what adventures you’ll have in a Queen’s Society! And with 215 clubs and societies and counting your next escapade is waiting.

You Know More Than You Know: Students Share Their Top Revision Tips

Queen's Student Blog | 9 May, 2019

Exam pressure is real. But it doesn’t have to be overwhelming. Don’t believe us? We asked our students what their biggest tips for exam success were.

The Affordable Student Experience: Belfast vs London vs Manchester

Queen's Student Blog | 16 April, 2019

Queen’s University Belfast is one of the most prestigious places to study in the UK. But does that mean it’s expensive to live in Belfast compared to other cities like Manchester or London? Let’s investigate.

Jia banner

How I discovered myself at Queen’s

Jia Xin Chang, LLB LAW | 3 September, 2018

You learn so much outside the classroom at Queen's.


5 ways NI people are unique

William Graham, BSc Business Management | 31 August, 2018

Nervous about moving to Northern Ireland, a small country with people you’ve probably heard little about? Local student William Graham tells you everything you need to know about the NI locals.

shopping banner

International students: What to buy when you come to Northern Ireland

Anna Kruglova | 29 April, 2020

From souvenirs to bring home to your family at half-term to local treats to sample, here is your definitive guide of what to buy as a first-time visitor to Belfast.

new banner

Your Open Day Survival Guide

Queen's Student Blog | 27 August, 2018

With so much information to take in, it can be difficult to know where to start. Make sure you cover your bases with these handy tips.

accom banner

Clearing 2019: Finding Last-Minute Accommodation in Belfast

Queen's Student Blog | 4 June, 2019

Don’t panic, no matter which NI uni you’ve enrolled to, we’ve got accommodation options to suit.


Open Day questions you’ll ask versus what your parents will ask

Queen's Student Blog | 22 August, 2018

This is why it pays to bring mum or dad with you when you visit Queen’s campus.

new banner

Who are we?

Queen's Student Blog | 20 August, 2018

Hearing about Queen's University for the first time? Allow us to introduce ourselves...

new banner

What makes Belfast special: The craic

Queen's Student Blog | 1 May, 2020

Add this catch-all phrase for fun, entertainment, gossip, news and good banter to your vocab, stat.

belfast banner

Five ways Belfast is unlike other capital cities

Séverine Robert, Postgraduate Research | 17 August, 2018

Safe, friendly and affordable – what’s not to love?

Belfast banner

5 places to visit in Belfast and Northern Ireland

Anna Kruglova | 20 August, 2018

From the Giant's Causeway to the birthplace of the Titanic, these are the must-see sights for anyone living and studying in Belfast.


5 Ways to boost your confidence at university

Marese O’Hagan, BA Eng/Social Anthropology | 17 August, 2018

From finding a university society that's right for you to maxing the support services on offer, here is how you can be your best self at university.


Guide to choosing the right university

Jing Yen, LLB Law | 17 August, 2018

Guest blogger Jing Yen, LLB Law from Malaysia on how you know which uni is ‘The One’


You’ve accepted your offer – congratulations! Now what?

Queen's Student Blog | 26 May, 2020

Here, your step-by-step guide to what to expect when you arrive at Queen’s in September.


What I got wrong about Belfast before I moved here

Tuba Aisha Sharif | 9 August, 2018


Five things you notice about Belfast when you’re coming from a big city

Shing Him Mak, LLB Law | 23 July, 2018

I must admit, moving to Belfast from Hong Kong was kind of a culture shock for me. It’s a capital city with a friendly ‘small town’ feel which sets it apart from London. Here’s why I love it.

1600x575 money banner

Belfast on a budget

Andre McCarron, Product Design Engineering | 17 July, 2018

Product Design Engineering student Andre McCarron knows that it's hard to make the student loan last. Here are his six simple tips to making your money go further.


Queen's rockstar researchers and how they're changing the world

Queen's Student Blog | 3 May, 2018

The research at Queen’s is making a huge impact on the world and with a degree from Queen’s so could you.


Five life hacks for international students in Belfast

Séverine Robert, Postgraduate Research | 4 July, 2018

Simple tips to smooth your transition to life at Queen’s.


Everything you need to know about your first week at Queen’s

Jade Yuen Kei Wong | 4 July, 2018

From finding your bearings to making friends, we have got you covered for your September arrival.

Hong kong banner

Discovering Hong Kong: Inside Queen’s Global Leadership Programme

Claire Kilpatrick, BSc Business Management | 2 July, 2018

Claire Kilpatrick, a Business Management student from Queen’s, recently took part in our Global Leadership Programme in Hong Kong. Here is what she learned.


Where in the world will a Queen’s degree take me? New York

Owen Smith, MSc Marketing | 2 July, 2018

Queen’s graduate Owen Smith is working at Moët Hennessy in NYC for one year as part of the US-NI Mentorship Programme.


13 photos that prove the Malaysian Society at Queen’s have far too much fun

Queen's Student Blog | 29 June, 2018

It’s amazing how we manage to squeeze in lectures!

Belfast banner

8 Things you can do in Belfast that you can’t do anywhere else

Northern Ireland Student Blog | 29 June, 2018

Belfast is a unique place, and we wouldn’t have it any other way.


Where will a Queen's geography degree take me?

Michael O'Hagan, BSc Geography | 29 June, 2018

Michael O’Hagan, BSc Geography (2005) is a hydrographer for Melbourne Water in Australia


Where will a Queen’s Engineering degree take me?

Bernadette Collins, MEng Engineering | 29 June, 2018

Bernadette Collins, MEng Engineering (2009), has forged an exciting career in Formula 1, joining McLaren Racing graduate scheme before her most recent post as a Senior Strategy Engineer at Force India.

catalyst banner

Inside Belfast’s Silicon Valley: Catalyst Inc Science Park

Northern Ireland Student Blog | 28 June, 2018

Belfast’s next-gen science park is an innovative community of people changing the world. Here’s all you need to know.


8 things you didn’t know about Northern Ireland’s booming film industry

Nothern Ireland Student Blog | 29 April, 2020

Goodbye Hollywood, hello Belfast! Thanks to our stunning coastlines, castles and countryside, Northern Ireland is the new go-to filming location for a host of big-budget productions.


Student meals for under £1 a portion

Northern Ireland Student Blog | 26 June, 2018

We understand you want to make your student budget stretch as far as possible, and with these fast and easy recipes, cooking on a budget is a cinch.

companies banner

8 Awesome Companies Affiliated With Queen’s

Nothern Ireland Student Blog | 25 June, 2018

You can take advantage of our links with some of the biggest employers in Northern Ireland.

Sri Lanka banner

Travelling to Queen's from Sri Lanka

Bimsarie Neranja Jananee Weerathunge | 21 June, 2018

Postgraduate student Bimsarie Weerathunge gives her top tips on moving to Belfast from Sri Lanka.

Management school banner

A day in the life of a Master’s Student at Queen's

Bimsarie Neranja Jananee Weerathunge | 21 June, 2018

Bimsarie Weerathunge on the realities of completing a Masters in Management at Queen’s.


Where will a Queen’s Electrical Engineering degree take me?

Sara Venning, MEng Electrical Engineering | 20 June, 2018

Queen’s alumna Sara Venning is the CE of NI Water – one of the top five most successful companies in Northern Ireland. She explains how her experience at Queen’s was instrumental to her success.


Cool workspaces and meet-ups in Belfast where you can get creative

Northern Ireland Student Blog | 18 June, 2018

Belfast is home to a burgeoning community of start-ups, freelancers and innovators. Here is just a snapshot of the dynamic hot-desking and networking spaces where they operate.


The do’s and don’ts of getting a part-time student job

Jia Xin Chang, LLB LAW | 20 June, 2018

Max the experience to boost your CV and earn some extra cash.


4 reasons you’ll never be the same after Erasmus

Marese O’Hagan, BA Eng/Social Anthropology | 20 June, 2018

In the first semester of second year, I studied at the Universitat de Barcelona. My Erasmus experience was one that gave me the invaluable experience of adapting to other cultures.

Belfast professional banner

Meet Belfast’s leading tech investors

Nothern Ireland Student Blog | 18 June, 2018

If you’ve got an idea for an early stage start-up, there are plenty of investment opportunities right on your doorstep in Belfast – a city with innovation at its heart.

Alex banner

Diary of a PhD student: Preparing for a PhD

Alex Jeffery, PhD History | 18 June, 2018

Alex Jeffery explains the process of preparing for a PhD in the first of his blogs about his PhD experience


15 Queen’s students slaying the Belfast start-up scene

Nothern Ireland Student Blog | 15 June, 2018

If you’ve got the drive and the innovation, Belfast is the place to make your entrepreneurial dreams happen – as these Queen’s graduates, alumni and students will attest.

Angie banner

Why it’s time to get excited about Queen's Knowledge Transfer Partnerships

Nothern Ireland Student Blog | 15 June, 2018

ICYDK, Queen’s is the top university in the UK for KTPs having managed around 350 projects and with 420 graduates employed after taking part. Here’s your at-a-glance guide to the programme.

Belfast by night banner

5 Reasons Why Belfast is the Perfect City to Make Your Way in The World

Nothern Ireland Student Blog | 14 June, 2018

With over 895 international companies employing over 99,000 people in Belfast, Queen's graduates can mine the wealth of employment opportunities available on our doorstep.

Bereavement banner

Where to turn to at Queen’s after bereavement

Shauna McCaul, BA Drama | 14 June, 2018

Support is available when you are at your most vulnerable.


Moving to Belfast from Moscow

Anna Kruglova | 7 June, 2018

Studying abroad is a real adventure, which makes it simultaneously exciting and scary.

festival banner

Your Essential Summer Gig Guide

Lauren Johnson, BA English | 7 June, 2018

With this line-up, summer is well and truly heating up!

The fall banner

Where will a Queen’s Drama degree take me?

Karen Hassan, Queen's alumni (BA Drama, 2004) | 6 June, 2018

Queen’s alumni actor Karen Hassan has starred in hit shows like Hollyoaks and The Fall. She explains how her experience at Queen’s was instrumental to her success.

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Five amazing things you can buy with the money you save with the GB scholarship

Queen's Student Blog | 4 December, 2019

From an unforgettable gap year to a house deposit, here are some ideas on how to spend the £7,500* you could save with Queen’s GB scholarship

jia banner

Moving to Belfast from Malaysia

Jia Xin Chang, LLB LAW | 4 June, 2018

For international students, it can be always nerve-wracking to leave your home and to move to a different country. It takes guts. But guess what? You are not alone.

Accommodation banner

29 things you need when moving into Queen’s Accommodation

Queen's Student Blog | 30 May, 2018

The ultimate list of must-haves, might-wants, luxury items and basic essentials.

PHD banner

5 truths every PhD student will understand

Anna Kruglova | 30 May, 2018

Read these before you decide if a PhD is right for you.

banner kickboxing

5 Reasons to join Queen’s Kickboxing/Muay Thai Club

Justin Ng | 30 May, 2018

Eat your heart out, Jean Claude Van Damme.


Three misconceptions Asian students have about Belfast before they come here

Jia Xin Chang, LLB LAW | 28 May, 2018

Newsflash: There is such a thing as a Northern Irish summer

moving in weekend

Queen's Accommodation: Your questions answered!

Cat Rafferty, Residential Assistant | 23 May, 2018

Residential Assistant, Cat Rafferty, is here to answer some of your frequently asked questions about living in Queen’s Accommodation.


The first few weeks of university- my advice

Northern Ireland Student Blog | 3 May, 2018

Starting university can be daunting for everyone, but our guest blogger, Severine Robert, has some top tips to get you off to a flying start.

Harland and wolff

Go it alone in Belfast!

Bimsarie Neranja Jananee Weerathunge | 4 May, 2018

There's so much to do in and around Belfast with no mates required!


Where to get delicious food from your home country in Belfast

Northern Ireland Student Blog | 29 April, 2020

Let our international students be your culinary guides.

banner final

The Ultimate NI Road-trip: The North Coast

Niamh Wallace, BA English | 9 May, 2018

School’s out for summer, so hit the road and visit the must-see sites of The Causeway Coast, the region dubbed the best in the world to visit this year!

new qub banner

6 practical tips for International students in Belfast

Bimsarie Neranja Jananee Weerathunge | 29 April, 2020

All you need to know to settle into student life in Northern Ireland.

group banner

5 Ways the MBA at Queen’s helped me

Shreya Mohal, International MBA | 4 May, 2018

Step out of your comfort zone and begin a challenging journey, says MBA student Shreya Mohal.


10 cool things to do that are less than 2 hours away from Belfast

Northern Ireland Student Blog | 3 May, 2018

Explore caves, castles and coastline – and be back in time for tea!

Students relaxing and in coversation

21 events and activities in Queen’s halls that’ll make you want to move in immediately

Queen's Student Blog | 30 January, 2020

At Queen’s Accommodation, we don’t just provide first-class student rooms, we offer a jam-packed social schedule to help you make friends. From day trips to quiz nights, there is with something for everyone. Here is a taster.

Hillsborough banner

Inside the Hillsborough Literary Festival

Maisha Hossain, MA Creative Writing | 1 May, 2018

Creative writing student Maisha Hossain visited the first ever springtime festival featuring more than 30 events including poetry, prose, music, film and talks.


26 student photos that perfectly capture the beauty of Northern Ireland

Northern Ireland Student Blog | 25 April, 2018

Wondering what there is to do in your downtime while you're a student at Queen's? Take a leaf out of these students' books and take in the epic countryscapes, beaches and mountains right on the doorstep of Belfast.


What these Queen’s students say about Belfast might surprise you

Northern Ireland Student Blog | 24 April, 2018

If all you know about Belfast is what your parents have told you about a bygone era, think again. As these students found out, Belfast is safe, friendly and affordable modern city that’s buzzing with energy and culture.

24 pics that will reassure you

24 pics that will reassure you if you’re worried about making friends at Queen’s

Queen's Student Blog | 29 April, 2020

From the like-minded folk on your course to the fun-loving peeps you’ll encounter in our clubs and societies, there are plenty of opportunities to meet new people and make friends at Queen’s. Just let these student pictures inspire your #squadgoals

28 amazing photos

28 amazing photos from Queen's students that will make you want to study abroad

Queen's Student Blog | 24 April, 2018

Got a bad case of wanderlust? With the global opportunities available at Queen’s, you can travel the world during your time here. Let these pictures from our current students inspire your #travelgoals


14 Times Queen’s Campus Reminded us of Hogwarts

Queen's Student Blog | 2 March, 2020

From the Great Hall to the castle-like Lanyon Building, we can see Harry and Hermione fitting right in here – and you can even play Quidditch!

graduation lanyon

8 Amazing Part-time Student Jobs Available Right Here on Campus

Northern Ireland Student Blog | 29 April, 2020

How would you like to earn cash, have fun and boost your CV to boot?

The Lanyon Building at Queen's University Belfast

What is a Russell Group uni and what does it mean for you?

Queen's Student Blog | 18 April, 2018

You’ve probably come across the phrase ‘Russell Group’ in your university selection process. But what does it mean and how important is it?

finance banner

Why the GB Scholarship is a great reason to choose Queen’s

Queen's Student Blog | 26 November, 2018

How does £2,500 a year sound? How about free flight, room upgrades and more? Read on…

Flight scott

A GB Student’s Guide to Flying Home for the Weekend

Scott Duffield, BA Broadcast Production | 13 April, 2018

It’s easier than you think to pop home for a visit!


Top tips for coming out of your shell at uni

Michael McConway, BA History and Politics | 13 April, 2018

Introverts, there is where you come into your own

Banner writing

The emotional journey of writing at university versus writing at school

Victoria Brown, BA English and Film Studies | 12 April, 2018

Kenya banner

5 ways my Queen’s placement has been a life-changing experience

Ingrid Briano Jasso, MSc Leadership | 11 April, 2018

As part of her MSc in Leadership for Sustainable Development, Queen's student Ingrid Briano Jasso, from Mexico, got the opportunity to volunteer in Kenya - a trip that has changed her life.

Elms banner

7 simple ways we’ll help you settle into Queen’s Accommodation

Northern Ireland Student Blog | 26 March, 2018

Snow patrol banner

Things to do in Belfast: A Student Guide to the Best Festivals and Events in the City

Northern Ireland Student Blog | 26 March, 2018

From art and food to culture and comedy, Belfast has a packed schedule of international festivals, celebrations and events for you to enjoy. Here is just a snapshot.


My first St Patrick’s Day in pictures

Nermin Al Sharman, PhD Interpreting | 13 April, 2018

Train banner

A guide to living with your parents while at Queen’s

Hannah Badger, BSc (Hons) Human Biology | 23 March, 2018

It’s not as bad as you think (and you’ll be guaranteed free food!).

10 Reasons to Confirm Your Place At Queen's

Northern Ireland Student Blog | 8 March, 2018

Here are just ten of the reasons you should join us in Belfast.

Snow patrol banner

A-Z of Belfast for 2020

Northern Ireland Student Blog | 29 April, 2020

Your bite-sized guide to student life in the city.


Six money-saving tips every Queen's student needs to know

Nermin Al Sharman, PhD Interpreting | 13 March, 2018

The apps, sites and discount cards that can save you major mullah.

Colour banner

Why Queen's Qulture Shock is an event not to be missed

Nermin Al Sharman, PhD Interpreting | 13 April, 2018

Hello, drama, dance, music, comedy, rituals and food from around the world.

boat club banner

Four things you might not know about Queen’s rowing Club

Emily Romeril, Guest blogger | 13 March, 2018

Row, row, row your boat gently down the Lagan, says guest blogger Emily Romeril, a member of Queen's Rowing Club

veggies 1600x565

Where to find The best veggie food close to campus

Nermin Al Sharman, PhD Interpreting | 12 March, 2018

Six of the best meat-free maestros in and around uni.


Where to find Halal food in Belfast

Nermin Al Sharman, PhD Interpreting | 9 March, 2018

Having access to home comforts is at the very top of every international student's list of priorities. Queen’s postgraduate student Nermin Al Sharman from Jordan has got you covered with her guide on where to get halal food in Belfast.

botanic gardens sign banner

What Belfast people say versus what they actually mean

Northern Ireland Student Blog | 26 February, 2018

Hint: this can get confusing.

Lagan river

A Student’s Guide to Belfast

Northern Ireland Student Blog | 27 February, 2018

Get your bearings with this local guide to the student hotspots.

Game of thrones

QUIZ: Are you a Titanorak or a Thronie?

Northern Ireland Student Blog | 26 February, 2018

Belfast’s film industry is thriving with every major production crew from 'Line of Duty' to 'The Fall' coming to Northern Ireland, but which TV tribe do you belong to?

banner accomodation

Belfast student area guide

Northern Ireland Student Blog | 28 February, 2018

Our guide to finding the right area to live in the city.


Four things I’ve learned about Skydiving at Queen’s

Rafal Kacprzyk, MSc Biochemistry | 6 September, 2017

The sky is not the limit, says guest blogger Rafal Kacprzyk, President of Queen's Skydiving Club

Belfast Lough banner

Ten things about studying in Northern Ireland that’ll stop your parents worrying

Staff writer | 27 February, 2018

Did you know it’s the safest place in the UK?

snowy Queen's

6 Thoughts You Have Seeing Snow for the First Time

Shreya Mohal, International MBA | 2 March, 2018

The Northern Irish weather can be, erm, unpredictable, but it also throws up some beautifully unexpected surprises, says MBA student Shreya Mohal.

Indian students

5 Culture Shock Moments that Indian Students Experience When they Arrive in Belfast

Shreya Mohal, International MBA | 12 February, 2018

Living and studying at Queen’s University has been the best experience, but it’s not without a few surprises, says MBA student Shreya Mohal.


18 Instagrams that will make you want to study in Belfast

Nermin Al Sharman, PhD Interpreting | 19 February, 2018

Queen’s postgraduate student Nermin Al Sharman, the Jordanian blogger behind The White Rose Project shares Belfast through her lens.


Four things to know about Queen’s cultural melting pot

Nyemahame Okwu, MB Medicine | 30 January, 2018

Everyone can benefit from our global campus, says guest blogger Nyemahame Okwu, from Queen's African Caribbean Society

Underwater hockey

Four reasons you should dive in to the Underwater Hockey club at Queen’s

Lucy Brown, PhD Chemistry | 2 February, 2018

Fun, friends and fitness are just a few of the reasons to take the plunge, says Lucy Brown from Cambridge, England, a member of Queen’s Underwater Hockey Club

Sailing banner

Five reasons Queen's sailing club rocks

Jocelyn Hill, MB Medicine | 31 January, 2018

When you find a hobby that you love, university life is plain sailing, says guest blogger Jocelyn Hill from Queen's sailing club

Maria Santos

5 Ways Queen's has boosted my confidence

Maria Luiza Amadeu Henriques dos Santos, LLM | 30 January, 2018

There are lots of lessons to be learned outside the lecture theatre, says Maria Luiza Amadeu Henriques dos Santos, LLM International Business Law, from Brazil


If you have these personality traits, Queen’s surf club could be for you.

Lucy Rutherford, BSc Psychology | 6 September, 2017

You can't stop the waves, but you can learn how to surf, says guest blogger Lucy Rutherford from Queen's Surf Club


Four reasons I love Queen’s dance club

Rachel Darragh, PGCE Education (Mathematics) | 6 September, 2017

Dance lets you find yourself, and lose yourself at the same time, says guest blogger Rachel Darragh, President of the Dance Society at Queen's

How to improve your wellbeing during lockdown

Suvekshya Dhungana, MSc Business Analytics | 2 April, 2020

Number five: ignore FOMO.