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21 events and activities in Queen’s halls that’ll make you want to move in immediately

At Queen’s Accommodation, we don’t just provide first-class student rooms, we offer a jam-packed social schedule to help you make friends. From beach trips to quiz nights, there is with something for everyone. Here is a taster.


1. Marvel Movie Marathon

Showing every Marvel movie from Iron Man to The Avengers.

BTW, if movies are your thing, check out our boutique cinema right on campus.

Image result for movie marathon gif

2. Tea stations with free tea, coffee and sweets

Yes, we said free sweets. Nuff said.

Don't forget, our Residential Life team are available for a chat and a cuppa anytime.

Image result for despicable me candy gif

3. Tunes and Toasties

And tea completes the three T’s of a fab night in.

Related image

4. International Student Careers event

We want you to live in the moment, but we’ll help you keep one eye on the future.

Find out more about the careers advice available at Queen's. 

Careers event


5. Disney Karaoke

Altogether now: ‘Let it Gooooo, Let it Go’.

Image result for let it go gif

6. Free Health MOT

You got to be in tip top shape to keep up with us, you know.

There is also a health centre on campus whenever you need it. 

Image result for health check gif

7. Taste of Ireland

Food features a lot in our agenda, so wear your stretchy eating pants.

Discover must-try local  foods

Image result for eating pants gif

8. Cultural food night

Celebrating fantastic food from all corners of the globe.

Here are some other international foodie hotspots  to try close to campus. 

cultural food night

9. Fair trade supper

We like our culinary treats with a conscience.

Find out more about how we're investing in a sustainable future


10. Game of Thrones tour

Winter is coming.

Get an insider's view here. 


11. Live Premier League, Champions League and Six Nations

Sports fans, unite.

Discover more about sport at Queen's

Image result for sports crowd celebrate gif

12. Harry Potter Quiz night

You’re a quizzer, Harry.

Image result for harry potter gif 

13. Chinese New Year celebrations

Witness traditional dress and music in this cultural celebration.

chinese new year

14. Guinness Factory tour

I didn’t have any fun in Dublin, said nobody ever.

Guinness store

15. Superbowl party

Pst! It's all about the half-time show.

Image result for beyonce superbowl 2018 gif

16. Ulster Rugby game

Live sports action is the ultimate bonding experience.


17. St George’s market trip

Food and craft stalls that you won’t want to miss.

St geporges market

18. Open Mic night

Get a taste for Norn Iron comedy first-hand

open mic night

19. Belfast Bus tour

Hit the tourist trail.

bus tour


20. Belfast Giants game

Those giant foam hands are a must.


21. Belfast City hall tour

Get a sneak peek inside the iconic building.

city hall

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