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I’m a 20-year-old Law student from Malaysia with a weird accent. I’m occasionally talkative, however I’m a natural introvert. I’m a lone ranger who enjoys her solitude and calmness, but I’m not anti-social. I’m a music lover and I play the piano, and constantly regret not picking up a second instrument when I was younger. I love singing but I’m not vocally trained. I don’t listen to any other music except rock - the heavier the better! Sometimes called weird by my friends, but I prefer to think of myself as unique. I have had an immense passion for writing ever since I was very young, and I write in both English and Chinese. I was the editor of my school bulletin and a student journalist during my high school days. I’m now a casual blogger and I enjoy my job (despite suffering from writer's block all the time). Welcome to my space.

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Jia Xin Chang, LLB LAW

My Internship with Funds-Axis

3/10/2018 - Jia Xin shares her experience in doing an internship with a regulatory technology company, and how she found working in an office environment for the first time.

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Jia Xin Chang, LLB LAW

5 Mistakes I Made as a fresher

12/09/2018 - Everyone makes mistakes, but here’s how to remedy the most common ones in the new academic year.

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Jia Xin Chang, LLB LAW

4 tips for surviving uni exams

12/09/2018 - We have all faced the dread of exams during A levels, but these top tips will stop you having to pull an all-nighter before your first uni exams.

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Jia Xin Chang, LLB LAW

Smoothing the transition from college to university

12/09/2018 - During A-levels you were probably whining about tough exams and how you couldn’t wait to get to university to put an end of those sleepless nights and endless cramming. But starting university is just the beginning of a brand new student journey…

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Jia Xin Chang, LLB LAW

How I discovered myself at Queen’s

3/09/2018 - You learn so much outside the classroom at Queen's.

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Jia Xin Chang, LLB LAW

Misconceptions about Studying Law

19/07/2018 - It's easy to have misconceptions about a subject before you start university, Jia Xin explores four misconceptions she had about studying law.

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Jia Xin Chang, LLB LAW

Some advice for current and prospective university students

16/07/2018 - Jia Xin is back to reassure you that everything you are thinking and feeling about student life is perfectly normal. Here is her advice...

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Jia Xin Chang, LLB LAW

Things most Law students will agree on

16/07/2018 - As a law student, Jia Xin is here to share with you 4 things that she believes most Queen's Law students will agree on.

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Jia Xin Chang, LLB LAW

Exploring Nature in Belfast

25/06/2018 - There's a lot more to university than studying, Jia Xin talks you through the great green spaces in and around Belfast that you can visit when you need a break from the books.

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Jia Xin Chang, LLB LAW

4 skills you learn in a part-time job that will benefit your entire career

25/06/2018 - It pays the bills, but a student job can also set you up with work skills that are essential for your future career. Here are just a few of them.


Jia Xin Chang, LLB LAW

The do’s and don’ts of getting a part-time student job

20/06/2018 - Max the experience to boost your CV and earn some extra cash.


Jia Xin Chang, LLB LAW

Three misconceptions Asian students have about Belfast before they come here

28/05/2018 - Newsflash: There is such a thing as a Northern Irish summer

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Jia Xin Chang, LLB LAW

Moving to Belfast from Malaysia

4/06/2018 - For international students, it can be always nerve-wracking to leave your home and to move to a different country. It takes guts. But guess what? You are not alone.