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Maisha Mitthi Hossain

MA English - Creative Writing | Postgraduate |Bangladesh

I'm a Bangladeshi girl who enjoys aimless wandering and always end up in places with cheesecakes, chillies and puns. I once asked life for a break and it put that in the past and made me broke. Lately, I've been thinking of moving to a house at the Writer's Block in the street right after mine.

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A Day at the John O’ Connor Literary Arts Festival

Maisha Hossain, MA Creative Writing | 6 December, 2018

Maisha Hossain took a trip to Armagh to sample the delights of the John O'Connor Literary Arts Festival, here are her highlights.

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6 Reasons Why Queen’s accommodation beats renting privately

Maisha Hossain, MA Creative Writing | 3 September, 2018

You can’t beat the craic in Queen’s accommodation, says postgraduate student Maisha Hossain.


Why I Chose Queen’s for my Master’s

Maisha Hossain, MA Creative Writing | 17 August, 2018

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Inside the Hillsborough Literary Festival

Maisha Hossain, MA Creative Writing | 1 May, 2018

Creative writing student Maisha Hossain visited the first ever springtime festival featuring more than 30 events including poetry, prose, music, film and talks.