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Meg Walton

Business Management | 1st year | Canterbury, England

I am 19 and I am a first year student studying Business Management. I am from Canterbury in England so moving over to Belfast for four years was a big move. Although, having just returned from a year travelling around the world, it gave me a good insight to life away from home. I am passionate about cooking and I am into fitness and swimming, I was part of a synchronised swimming team for ten years.

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banner image of the Belfast Christmas market

Christmas and Thanksgiving in Belfast: Celebrating away from home

Meg Walton, Business Management | 9 January, 2017

So, despite being so far away from my ‘home-home’, I can now call Belfast a new ‘(temporary) home’.

City hall in sunshine

Life in Belfast: My first few weeks at Queen's

Meg Walton, BSc Business Management | 21 November, 2016

Apart from a little bit more rain compared to what I am used to at home, I couldn’t have imagined a friendlier environment.

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Meg and a group of friends celebrating Thanksgiving.

Reflecting on my first year at Queen's

Meg Walton, business management | 18 July, 2017

Now the stress of exams has disappeared and the essay deadlines are no longer looming, I have had the time to relax and more importantly reflect on first year as a whole, even if it went by so quickly it felt like it didn’t actually happen.

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