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Francesca D'Souza

BSc Economics | 1st Year |Watford, England

I'm Francesca, I'm 18 years old and I study Economics at Queen's. I came to Queen's through Clearing, but I am originally from Watford in England. I am an older sister to two brothers, aged 16 and 17 who are both glad I moved out, with the only downside being that they have more washing up days! I have loved my first year at Queen's and want to share my experiences and advice with others.

Why Choosing Queen's in Clearing was the Best Decision Ever

Francesca D'Souza, BSc Economics | 5 July, 2019

There are lots of reasons you might find yourself using Clearing to secure a University Place but it can still be a nervewracking experience. Francesca is sharing her Clearing story and how it helped her find the perfect course at Queen's.