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Joint and Major/Minor Pathways

Guidance for Joint and Major/Minor Students

This information is designed for students on Joint and Major/Minor degree programmes where subjects are taught in two Schools.  It is also relevant to students on the BA in Politics, Philosophy and Economics (PPE) and MLibArts degrees.

Induction, Enrolment and Registration
For students enrolled on programmes shared between two Schools, the majority of induction activities will be hosted by the ‘home’ School.  There will, in addition, be some sessions scheduled by the second subject area to provide information on core and optional module choices.  Students on programmes involving more than one subject can find useful information on the structure of their degree by clicking here.

Students returning to Level 2 and 3 should be provided with information from both subject areas in April of each year to enable them to make module choices for the following academic year, as part of the pre-enrolment process.

It is the responsibility of the ‘home’ School to ensure that students are enrolled on the correct modules in line with programme specification requirements. 

Structure of Joint Programmes
Students complete 120 CATS at each level of study each academic year; students enrolled on Joint programmes will complete 60 CATS in each subject; students enrolled on Major/Minor programmes will normally complete 80 CATS in the major subject and 40 CATS in the minor subject. 

The modules will be split across the year depending on individual programmes. For Joint programmes this could be 40 CATS in subject A, 20 CATS in subject B in first semester and 20 CATS in subject A, 40 CATS in subject B in second semester. 

Exceptional Circumstances
For students enrolled on Joint and Major/Minor programmes shared between two Schools, Exceptional Circumstances forms must be submitted to the ‘home’ School for consideration.  Decisions will be made by the ‘home’ School’s Exceptional Circumstances Committee and communicated promptly to the second School.  In instances where a student needs to resit a module, specific arrangements will be confirmed by the School which owns the module. For PPE and MLibArts students, the ‘home’ Schools are respectively HAPP and AEL.

Personal Tutor and Adviser of Studies
Students who are enrolled on Joint and Major/Minor programmes shared between two Schools will be allocated a Personal Tutor and Adviser of Studies in the ‘home’ School. 

The Personal Tutor will be responsible for providing reflection on and support for students’ general academic development; promoting other activities related to students’ personal, academic and professional development; supporting students through effective signposting to relevant student support services. 

The Adviser of Studies is responsible for guiding students’ choice of modules and options relating to their progress through their degree programme.

Decisions on students’ progress to the next year of study or requirements to undertake resits will be taken by the Board of Examiners in the ‘home’ School in cases where students are shared between two Schools.  Student support meetings following publication of results will be hosted by the ‘home’ School. 

Drop-In Sessions
There will be weekly Drop-in session every Tuesday lunchtime with Tea/Coffee in the Student Social Space, 50 University Road hosted by Faculty Office staff for students with any queries.

Key Contact
Deirdre McCrory