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Queen’s Tops AHRC Funding Table for 2016/17

AHRC Logo Landscape

We are delighted to announce that Researchers at Queen’s have had considerable funding success with the Arts and Humanities Research Council (AHRC) over the last year. Over the 2016/17 UK fiscal year Queen’s was the number one AHRC funded university in the UK, outperforming our closest competitors by over £700K. On top of this financial success we also had an overall success rate of 56% across all schemes, second only to Leeds University (who were ranked 3rd)  

This success has been driven by researchers across the university, with the bulk of the funding coming from AHSS-based staff and includes some major funding awards , such as: Performing Restoration Shakespeare (Professor Richard Schoch; £607,311); Sounding Conflict: From Resistance to Reconciliation (Professor Fiona Magowan, £652,550); and, Reparations, Responsibility and Victimhood in Transitional Societies (Dr Luke Moffett, £655,198).

Not only do these grants represent a significant step towards achieving our ambitious research income goals, they also demonstrate the breadth of expertise and the global ambition of our researchers. Success has not been restricted to major funding awards however, we have also received a number of awards from AHRC’s other funding schemes such as the Research Networking Awards, PaCCS Innovations awards and the Follow-on Fund. All of this points to a broad base of research excellence that we hope will lead to a sustained period of success.

Full details of the AHRC’s application and award data can be found on clicking here for the interactive tool.