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This page will provide important information to support you through the application process to Study Abroad at Queen’s.

Deadline for Global Honors applications: 14 November 2020

The Global Opportunities Team at Queen's process all Study Abroad applications. If you have any technical questions about your application, please contact them using the button below.

Contact the Global Opportunities Team
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Application Guidance
As a Belmont Global Honors student you will be applying for Semester Two study at QUB

The application to study abroad at Queen's is an online process, and when completing your application you should be aware the courses you will be studying at Queen's are referred to as 'modules.'

Applications will close for Spring 2021 for the Belmont Global Honors Program on 14 November 2020. To apply please click here

Please click 'read below' for important guidance on completing your application form.

There are a few additional things you should be aware of when completing your application to study at Queen’s. 

  • For Question 40: “Who will be responsible for paying your tuition fees?” you should answer “My home university/college.”

  • The Module Selection section of the application form deals with what classes you will be taking at Queen’s. 
    You will be asked to select a minimum of three modules. However Belmont Global Honors students will only be studying two QUB modules, so please select two modules you wish to study and then a backup module in case your preferred module choices are not available. Please input these in order of preference.

Once you have clicked 'submit' your application will be sent to the Global Opportunities Team at Queen's who will review your application. You will then be asked to send the following by email:

  • An official academic transcript of the courses taken at your home university
  • An academic reference from a professor who can comment on your academic performance to date
  • A copy of your passport (personal details/photo page)

We recommend gathering this information as soon as possible to avoid delays in approving your application.



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Click the subject areas below to see what classes have been pre-approved for students studying on the Global Honors Program.

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School of Arts, English & Languages
Audio Engineering
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School of Arts, English & Languages
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Queen's Management School
Business Management
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