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Alumni Anthologies
Be inspired from those who went before you

Graduates from Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences have excelled in a vast array of diverse careers, both locally and internationally. Our alumni are part of a vibrant community who can provide inspiration and guidance to help our current students discover their future career path. Alumni Anthologies is a collection of stories from past students about their experiences from university and beyond.

Meet Kelly Andrews

Chief Executive Women's Aid Belfast & Lisburn

Kelly is a woman of many talents. Hear about her incredible career journey including how getting involved in the Green Party while studying English and Politics at Queens and working as a part time hairdresser kick-started her career.

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Meet Matthew Thompson

Podcaster & Founder of 'Best of Belfast'

Meet Matthew Thompson. Writer, podcaster and founder of ‘Best of Belfast. Hear about the highs and lows of his career journey to date and how getting experience as a writer can come from the most unexpected places.

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Meet Rebecca McKinney

Radio Presenter & Stylist

Meet Rebecca McKinney. A popular and very successful radio presenter who now has her very own radio show on Cool FM. Rebecca is also a fashion stylist and blogger. Hear how she transitioned from studying Law at Queens into the successful business women she is today.

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Meet Sean Doyle

Director of Unscripted at The Walt Disney Company

Meet Sean Doyle. Hear about his incredible career journey from studying politics at Queens to becoming the Director of Unscripted at The Walt Disney Company. He tells us about how using unexpected free time to take advantage of work experience helped him break into the media industry.

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PHOTO: Ryan Elliman
My name is Ryan Elliman and I'm an award winning journalist, film maker and student currently studying my third year of Broadcast Production at Queen's University Belfast. I've always had a passion for telling stories, no matter the form. After getting a H.N.D in Creative Media Production, I've honed my craft throughout my degree and was given the opportunity to highlight the lives, careers and experiences of Queen's Alumni in this Anthology collection Ryan Elliman
Broadcast Production
Made @ AHSS networking 2
Recognising and celebrating our alumni

Made@AHSS is a celebration of the achievements of our AHSS alumni. This gala event connects Alumni with our current students to inspire them for the future. AHSS Alumni represented were employed in a range of fields including creative arts, education, healthcare specialists, cyber intelligence, human rights and accountancy.

May 2019, A night to remember and celebrate

Staying connected with AHSS

Hannah Webb PwC profile shot
Hannah Webb, BA Joint Hons English and Drama

Hannah graduated in 2013 and currently works for PwC as a Student Recruiter. She share how has continued the connection to the School of Arts, English and Languages at QUB.

"I delivered a session for PwC to English students at QUB and it was great to have such a big turnout, all open to the possibility of a career that they might not have automatically considered when deciding to go down the route of an English degree. Many individuals (myself included) will not have a linear career path after university, so it was great to be given the opportunity to share our career stories with the students to show them that sometimes it does take a while to find your feet in the world of work. We were able to leave the students with some key pieces of advice, mainly that as long as they keep their options open, stay confident that they have the skills from their degrees that employers are looking for, and most importantly that they not afraid to try new things, then they will be very successful in their future careers!”

PwC English session Hannah Webb
PwC recruiter

Hannah analyses the value of arts and humanities graduates to corporate employers.

“English graduates, and more widely Arts and Humanities students, bring a wealth of skills to any organisation, such as communication skills (both written and oral), the ability to analyse large volumes of data, time management (reading on average 6 texts a week ranging from Medieval English to American Crime Fiction, is no mean feat!), thinking outside the box, creativity, and the ability to quickly build up a knowledge of different eras of history, politics, science, psychology, sociology (I could go on!) that form the backdrop of the texts we read and analyse - a skill that is valued in every workplace, but especially in a firm like PwC which operates within an ever changing business landscape.”

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