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Invisible Women

A Reading of Excerpts from the book 'Invisible Women'

What do pianos, phones and medicines have in common with the 70kg Man?

Staff were invited to a discussion on data bias in a world designed by men and what it means for healthcare and biomedical research. Staff and students from Faculty of MHLS will read excerpts from the book followed by discussion. Ever wondered why your mobile phone doesn’t fit in your hand? Ever wondered why women are more likely to be injured in road traffic accidents? Ever wondered if researching a different sex would result in a totally different outcome?  Staff came along to find out the answers to these questions on Wednesday 9 March 2022 at 2.00 pm in the WWIEM Basement Seminar Room.

The FMHLS Gender Equality Team thanks all our panellists and attendees for their contribution to and participation in this extremely worthwhile discussion.


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