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Our audience

Individuals supported by the PDC

The PDC is funded by the MHLS Faculty to support current MHLS postdocs, with postdocs being defined as research staff employed on a fixed-term/open-ended contract requiring a PhD (mainly corresponding to Research fellows and Senior research fellows).

This includes both postdocs working on the grants of their Principal Investigators (usually refered to as "postdocs" even if their job title is Research fellow) and postdocs working on their independant fellowships (usually referred to as "Fellows").

Other Queen's staff and students

While the PDC resources are generally designed for MHLS postdocs, postdocs from the EPS and AHSS Faculties as well as other research staff (Research Assistants, KTPs etc.) and PhD students may on occasion benefit from some of the PDC's offer, for example by attending workshops and events when places are available.

Please get in touch if interested and email to sign up for the PDC Newsletter and updates (otherwise automatically sent to MHLS postdocs). We will do our best to help you.

Individuals from outside of Queen's

The PDC does not support individuals who are not currently employed at Queen's, except for fellowship support if the fellowship's host is part of the MHLS Faculty.

If you want to join Queen's as a postdoc, please visit the Prospective postdocs' page.