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Our mission


The main goal of the PDC is to help postdocs make the best out of their time at Queen's, supporting and empowering them with their career development, in and out of academia.

This is achieved principally by:

  • Providing appropriate information and bespoke resources
  • Promoting a supportive environment and culture

The actions of the PDC are part of a general effort by Queen's to offer outstanding support to its researchers through the implementation of a Concordat to support the career development of researchers action plan, which resulted in the University beeing awarded the hr Excellence in research award.

The main aims of the PDC are to:

  • Welcome new postdocs and facilitate the transition from a PhD
  • Support the work of postdocs and fellows
  • Facilitate the career development of postdocs, in academia and beyond
  • Communicate opportunities
  • Promote industry and public engagement
  • Influence relevant policies
  • Promote the recognition of postdocs


The PDC both devises bespoke resources for postdocs and coordinates and promotes relevant opportunities developed by other University departments and stakeholders.

Resources include:

  • Courses and workshops
  • Programmes
  • Events
  • Online resources
  • Personnalised support
  • Website, newsletter and social media