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The PDC is keen to provide bespoke support to fellowship holders but, as the University is currently elaborating a programme for fellows, the design of such resources has been put on hold to avoid duplication.

Several relevant resources are however already available, for example in the areas of management and leadership (coursesbooks etc.). Fellows are also encouraged to request a mock interview when applying for a lectureship and to volunteer to be on mock interview panels to get ready.

This page will be gradually improved and populated in 2019.

Relevant documents:

Probation profile for VC fellows



Bringing our fellows together

Fellows Welcome Event

This event aims at bringing MHLS Faculty fellows together and introduce them to key support available at the university. Participants will have the opportunity to network, get to know each other and develop a peer-support group, ask questions about their position, ask about resources to help themin their role and inform the development of new support for fellows.

More information (Including programme)