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Conference / travel

Going to conferences is part of a postdoc's job and is essential to showcase your research and expand your network. Funding travel can sometimes be an issue though and postdocs shouldn't solely count on their PI to pay all the costs from their grants. There is a multitude of opportunities to get additional funding as described below.

Booking travel

Transport and accommodation to attend a conference have to be booked through QUB’s travel provider, Selective travel, which provides for instance travel insurance. Contact Selective travel with details of your trip to get a quote ( and book as soon as possible as prices increase with time (more information). Do your best to also sign up early and benefit from "early bird" reduced registration fees.

Go to Selective Travel

When traveling for work, you can claim back some of your additional expenses (taxi, food etc.). This is done online with Qfis web or with a special App, uploading pictures or scans of your receipts.

The staff expenses policy, procedure and tutorials and videos on how to use the online system can be found on the Finance website:

Go to Staff Expenses>

QUB brand
Slides templates, logos and brand

When presenting your work at a conference, it is important that you respect QUB's branding so that your belonging to Queen's can be clearly identified and your amazing work linked to the University.

The QUB brand toolkit page contains links to download logos, slides, document templates, infographics and QUB email signature. The brand guidelines (pdf) regroup information relevant to the logos, presentation of documents, colours etc.

Download QUB brand guidelines

Brand toolkit page

Expand for "QUB branding at a glance"

QUB branding at a glance:

  • Font: the official font is Brandon but we advise you to use Arial instead for your Powerpoint presentations as Brandon is not commonly installed on conferences computers which could result in incompatibilities and issues on screen while you are presenting (remember to change it on the title slide too)

  • Logo: use the red QUB logo with the crest. You may use a combined logo of QUB and your School / Centre (see example of PDC logo below) as long as the crest and University name are on it

  • Colours: the main QUB colours are:

- QUB vibrant red (R214 G0 B13; HEX D6000D)

- Dark red (R143 G14 B32; HEX 8F0E20)

- Dark grey (R85 G86 B90; HEX 4A4A4A)

- Light grey (R155 G155 B155; HEX 9B9B9B)

Additional colours can be found on the brand guidelines.
In microsoft, colours can be changed in the colours menu by clicking on "more colours", "custom" and entering the Red Green and Blue values (RGB).

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