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The Faculty of Medicine, Health and Life Sciences englobes 4 Schools:

Researchers come from all over the world to train as a postdoc in the Faculty and we are very proud of our postdoctoral researchers, the diversity of research they carry out and the variety of careers they move on to.

Postdoctoral support at Queen's

At Queen's, postdoc support and representation is available at School/Centre-, Faculty- and University-levels. The different committees and societies can be led by university departments (PDC, Postdoc Forum) or by postdocs (Postdoc Society) but in every case include volunteer postdoc representatives. The postdocs members of those committees are contributing to the organisation of events for postdocs, bringing up issues faced by postdocs and representing you. Do not hesitate to contact them to share your opinion, ideas and problems or to join them!

In the Faculty of Medicine, Health and Life Sciences, postdocs have access to both the Postdoctoral Development Centre (PDC; University-led) and the Postdoc Society (postdoc-led). In a nutshel, the Postdoc Society primarily organises research (technical training, research symposium...) and social activities while the PDC focuses on general training, career-development, policy, recognition and providing personal support. The two entities however work closely together to offer the best support to postdocs, with the chairs of the Postdoc Society being part of the PDC committee and the head of the PDC being invited to the Postdoc Society meetings when relevant.

PDC Committee

The PDC committee is an advisory committee of the PDC influencing the resources being developed.

The committee is composed of the Head of the PDC, postdoc and PI ambassadors representing the different Schools and research Centres of the Faculty, the Faculty Fellows and the Postdoc Society. The postdoc ambassadors are volunteer, originally appoited for 3 years. PI ambassadors were originally nominated by their Heads of School or Centre based on suggestions by postdocs. To ensure all the Schools are represented at each meeting, some categories have two ambassadors sharing the role or some other School postdocs or PI may attend the meeting in an ad hoc manner.

The current members of the committee can be found below.

The roles of the ambassadors are to:

  • assure the communication between local postdocs (postdoc ambassadors), PIs and senior management (PI ambassadors) and the PDC
  • advertise the programmes and resources developed by the PDC locally and encourage postdocs to engage with them
  • share their experience, opinion and the feedback they got from the local postdocs and PIs in order for the PDC to develop the best resources possible
  • ensure that the programmes and events organised by the PDC are relevant to as many postdocs as possible and that postdocs from different schools, who have different needs, can all benefit from the PDC
  • propose new programme ideas for the PDC to organise and bring up issues to address
  • make sure that local initiatives (postdoc coffee mornings, buddy scheme…) are running smoothly
  • organise or find postdocs willing to organise local programmes or events relevant to their specific Centre or School and inform the PDC

Current PDC ambassadors:

Additional postdoc support

The Postdoc Society

Postdoc-led Faculty initiative

The FMHLS Postdoctoral Society is led by postdocs and provides advocacy, training and support for postdoctoral researchers within the Faculty. Its committee meets monthly and comprises postdocs from all of the Faculty’s Schools, Centres and Institutes.

The society provides a voice for postdocs at the level of senior management, through membership of the Postdoctoral Development Centre Committee, the University Postdoctoral Forum, and attendance at School board meetings.

The society also organise, or contributes to, events that promote:

  • Postdoctoral research achievements (annual Postdoctoral Research Symposium)
  • Technical training (R course…)
  • Engagement with external collaborators (ongoing interactions with Catalyst NI)
  • Inter-departmental networking and engagement (i. e. coffee and donuts mornings)

The society also works closely with the PDC on numerous events and programme, notably relevant to career development and postdoc recognition.

The society is always happy to accept new postdoc members who would like to actively contribute to its activities! If interested, please email

The actuality of the FMHLS Postdoc Society can be followed on Facebook and Twitter.

Picture: Organisers of the Postdoc Society research symposium 2018

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The Postdoctoral Forum

Postdoc representation at the University level

The Postdoctoral Forum is a an assembly chaired by the Pro-Vice-Chancellor for Research, Enterprise and Postgraduate Affairs and regroups the Deans of Research for each Faculty as well as postdoc representatives from the whole university.

Meetings are organised four times a year by the research Policy office. The Postdoctoral Forum deals with postdoc matters at a University level and is notably at the origin of the peer-led methods programme, the postdoc group mentoring and organises the Postdoc showcase.

Information about the forum is sent by email to all postdocs after meetings. For more information about the forum, visit the Postdoctoral Forum website or contact

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Centre-led initiative

The CEM Postdoctoral Career Development Committee (PCDC) is a group of postdocs and PIs from CEM organising events to promote a sense of community and the career development of postdocs in CEM.

The Postdoctoral Career Development Committee (PCDC) from the Centre for Experimental Medicine (CEM) was created in 2016 as part of a Centre’s initiative to foster postdocs to develop their careers within the Centre. The main goals of the committee are to promote Community Development and Empowerment through monthly coffee mornings and postdoc lab meetings and to work on developing new skills for postdocs through a postdoc-led seminar series. A mentoring scheme to integrate new postdocs in CEM using a buddy scheme has been very popular and will be maintained to continue to work on a stronger community. The PCDC also runs regular surveys to keep up to date with postdoc’s opinions and needs and runs an annual away day where postdocs get to network and spend a day focused on planning their careers.

‌Picture: CEM Postdoc away day 2018, organised by the PCDC

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