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New postdoc

Starting a new position, sometimes in a new city or even country can be very unsettling.

To help you with this transition, the PDC has developed a 3-steps welcoming programme involving a “New Postdoc Welcome Booklet”, a postdoc-specific induction and a postdoc buddy scheme in each School and Research Centre of the Faculty.

Step 1:

New Postdoc Welcome Booklet

This booklet has been developed especially for postdocs and provides information on how to settle in at QUB, on human resources procedures, ways to get your staff card, email, access to facilities or get your working station up and running. Most importantly, this booklet highlights the resources and support available to you through the PDC and other university departments to make your postdoc a success!

Download the booklet
Step 2:

New postdoc PDC induction

The PDC inductions are facilitated by Dr Alice Dubois (head of the PDC) and include a short introduction to the university and the faculty as well as to the UK higher education system. It focuses on showcasing the programmes and resources available to you, helping you identify what you want to get out of your postdoc position so that you make the best out of your time at Queen’s.

More information and registration
Step 3:
Local buddy schemes

Every new postdoc of the Faculty is enrolled in a buddy/welcoming scheme in their local School or Research Centre. These schemes are run locally by postdoc volunteers. Each new postdoc is paired with a current postdoc from the same School who will provide a tour of the facilities and information on their functioning as well as answer any question they might have. For more infomation, contact your School/Centre PDC ambassadors (list here).

For more information:

Visit the international staff page