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Postdocs in the Faculty of Medicine, Health and Life Sciences are entitled to up to 10 days of training per year.

These days can be used to:

  • attend PDC or QUB training courses or events
  • attend external courses
  • be involved in committees
  • contribute to the organisation of events
  • undertake a placement
  • generate preliminary data for a fellowship application


These 10 days are not meant to be used for activities that are necessary or already part of the postdoc's work, for example attending relevant conferences, technical training used in the project (i.e. personal licence training), meeting partners and collaborators and attending local events the postdoc is meant to attend (i.e. PhD students symposium, School's seminars etc.).

Reference: Policy discussed at the MHLS Faculty Executive Board meeting of the 26th April 2017 and communicated to all postdocs on the 26th May 2017 via an official letter from Pr Aaron Maule, Dean of Research.