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Postdoc recognition: wear it and say it!

Do you value the work of postdocs? Is there a specific postdoc who you find amazing, who inspired you or helped you? If yes, show it and say it with a badge and #LovePostdocs!

September 16, 2019 - September 20, 2019
Everywhere at QUB!
09:00 - 12:00

Queen's staff and students are encouraged to take advantage of National Postdoc Appreciation Week to show recognition to postdocs in general and/or to specific individuals.

To do it, it's easy! Just grab a badge (collection points listed below), wear it proudly, and share your stories and thanks on social media using #LovePostdocs (and if enough place #LoveQUB too!).

Badges will be available for collection from the 16 September 2019.


Badges collection MHLS:

- Centre for Experimental Medicine: Reception Wellcome Wolfson building

- Centre for Cancer Research and Cell Biology: Reception main building + HSB reception

- Centre for Public Health: First floor kitchen ICSB and ICSA reception

- School of Pharmacy: Staff room (coffee room) in McClay building

- School of Biological Sciences: Reception (Chlorine Gardens)

- School of Nursing and Midwifery: Communal room of MBC level 7 and common area on the ground floor in houses 4-6 of CESI

- Faculty MHLS: Reception Faculty office (1st floor, 90 Lisburn road) and PDC (2nd floor)


Badges collection EPS:

- Ashby building: 4th floor staff room

- David Keir Building: 2nd floor common room and civil engineering reception (1st floor)

- Elmwood Building: ground floor common room


Badges collection AHSS:

- 2 University square (reception)



- Research and Enterprise, Reception

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