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Dr Leanne Stevenson

Centre for Cancer Research and Cell Biology

"As the only Clinical Academic leading a laboratory group I have found that my clinical commitments mean that I am often not available whenever issues arise.  Being the only Post-Doctoral scientist in the Upper Gastro-intestinal group, Leanne takes on the role of a scientist, technician, lab manager, supervisor and mentor to the five postgraduate students. During the early part of this year I had to take three months off from work due my father being ill and subsequently being cared for in a hospice. Leanne took over the day to day supervision of five PhD students, one of whom was in the last few months of her PhD, as well as the running of the lab. She selflessly stepped in to guide the students through their work and to help them continue their research projects by designing follow-up experiments and exploring new research directions with them.  She put her own work on hold to support the lab team and due to her conscientious and above all caring nature I wholeheartedly feel that she deserves to be recognised for her exceptional support to all of the members of our lab."

Additional shortlisted nominees

Dr Désirée Schliemann

Centre for Public Health

"Over the last year Désirée has been heavily involved in assisting the supervision of three PhD students. She has a passion for supporting students, motivating them to perform well and does this with great patience. This includes guidance and several revisions of the statistical analysis applied by PhD students; advice on conference abstracts and papers as well as methods chapter for their PhD thesis. English is not the first language of these students and Désirée has revised the grammar and structure of most of their work. One PhD student has now submitted her first manuscript with guidance from Désirée and other supervisors. Another PhD student received close guidance for the conduct of a systematic review, which is currently at an advanced stage. Désirée also guided one research assistant on the write up of a manuscript on questionnaire validation. She recruited and trained over 50 temporary staff (full-day training courses) as interviewers for data collection. In addition, Désirée has assisted the PI with preparing a conference abstract and has written several reports for two different funding bodies. I can highly recommend Désirée for the exceptional support price due to her contribution and support for students and staff over the last year."

Dr Joana Sa Pessoa

Wellcome-Wolfson Institute for Experimental Medicine

"Joana is an extremely approachable and aspiring member of the lab whose commitment and determination to help others has enabled many of us to achieve our full potential within the laboratory. Not only does Joana play a pivotal role in the research aspect of the lab, she also puts a great emphasis on welcoming new members to the lab, as well as offering help and guidance with numerous administrative tasks, such as applications, personal statements and presentations. Joana has always offered her invaluable support to me throughout my time in the laboratory, and is currently supporting me during my thesis write-up. On numerous occasions Joana has “picked me up” from some “dark places” and motivated me to continue my PhD journey when things have become particularly tough. I often wonder where I would be without her priceless empathy for her peers. Joana is an invaluable member of our laboratory team, her input, ideas and wealth of knowledge continually have a huge influence on the laboratory’s output driving multiple projects forward. May Joana’s charisma and love for science continue to be passed on to all future student’s that enter the lab, and have the privilege to work alongside her."

Dr Lindsay Broadbent

Wellcome-Wolfson Institute for Experimental Medicine

"Lindsay Broadbent runs our laboratory. She acts as a manager, a teacher, a counsellor, a science expert, and a collaborator,.  She is always enthusiastic about our primary cell culture and virology work and is very involved with day to day work in the laboratory. She is very aware of everyone’s projects and really gets involved. We always have long conversations about our science and experiments.  Lindsay has a great way of being able to point out when things are wrong but maintain a positive outlook which is very supportive. Lindsay is always very knowledgeable and we all want to ask her questions and its really fun to talk ideas over with her.  Lindsay has made significant improvements to the lab in the time that I have been here, organising informal meetings, participating in and encouraging outreach events. She has helped to reorganise space in the lab made improvements to freezer organisation and storage of samples.  She is great a making sure we all keep in touch with our “Whatsapp” lab group and organises meetings on “Doodle”. Regarding lab management, Lindsay is instrumental in the general running of the laboratory, working closely with Dr Ultan Power on health safety and quality."

All nominees

Dr Alan McMichael (Centre for Public Health)

Dr Alerie Guzman de la Fuente (Wellcome-Wolfson Institute for Experimental Medicine)

Dr Amy Dumigan (Wellcome-Wolfson Institute for Experimental Medicine)

Dr Declan Doherty (Wellcome-Wolfson Institute for Experimental Medicine)

Dr Désirée Schliemann (Centre for Public Health)

Dr Helina Marshall (Wellcome-Wolfson Institute for Experimental Medicine)

Dr Joana Sá Pessoa - Nominated 3 times (Wellcome-Wolfson Institute for Experimental Medicine)

Dr Katrina Lappin (Centre for Cancer Research and Cell Biology)

Dr Laura Smyth (Centre for Public Health)

Dr Leanne Stevenson (Centre for Cancer Research and Cell Biology)

Dr Linda Oyama - Nominated twice (School of Biological Sciences)

Dr Lindsay Broadbent - Nominated twice (Wellcome-Wolfson Institute for Experimental Medicine)

Dr Mairead Connor (School of Biological Sciences)

Dr Olivier Touzelet (Wellcome-Wolfson Institute for Experimental Medicine)

Dr Rosana Penalva - Nominated twice (Wellcome-Wolfson Institute for Experimental Medicine)

Dr Willian da Silveira (School of Biological Sciences)


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