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Postdoc citizenship MHLS

2020 Winner

Dr Xanthi Stachtea

Patrick G. Johnston Centre for Cancer Research

"Xanthi is participating in a number of committees in the University such as the Postdoc Society Committee, the PGJCCR Education committee and the PGJCCR  Public Engagement Committee. She was also the PGJCCR representative at the University wide ‘Postdoctoral Research Forum’ and she is the postdoctoral representative at the SMDBS Gender Equality committee.  She also presents the updates from the Postdoctoral community at the School Board and she is in the organizing committee of the Postdoctoral Career Exploration event. She also co-organized again this year the PGR-PDRA Peer-Mentoring Buddy Scheme and is a mentor for PhD students. She also participates in Public Engagement events.  Lastly, she is an anti-Harassment Advisor and a Mental Health First Aider."

Other 2020 nominees

Due to the number of nominations received in this category and their level of excellence, the review panel decided not to shortlist specific candidates but consider them all for the prize.

Dr Qing Wen

Centre for Public Health

"Dr. Qing Wen is an elected representative from CPH on the University Wide Postdoc Forum.  She has played important roles in building excellent communication between the postdoc communities and the Centre, Faculty, and University. She chaired a session of the School Postgraduate Research Forum in November 2019; organised group discussions, shared knowledge, and experiences with PhD students at the Thesis Submission and Viva Workshop in December 2019. Qing has initiated and participated in the organisation of various postdoc activities to improve the recognition and engagement of Postdocs, including Postdoc Appreciation Lunch, Postdoc development Q&A session, postdoc buddy scheme, particularly the events during the COVD19 lockdown such as Postdoc survey, Postdoc Q&A + Alice Dubois virtual clinic meeting, Virtual Tea Break, Virtual fitness club. Qing worked in the Royal Statistical Society (RSS) committee organising team to organise the RSS 2019 annual meeting in September 2019. She helped with U.S. medical students to resolve their outstanding queries and published their research in a high-impact peer-reviewed journal. Qing has made valuable contributions to the postdoc communities at the CPH, Faculty, and the University beyond, I strongly nominate Qing for the Postdoc citizenship prize as a recognition of all her commitments and contributions."

Dr Sara Cordeiro

School of Pharmacy

"Sara was co-chair of the Postdoc Society this year and she has lead the organization of the Postdoctoral Symposium and social activities for postdocs in our Faculty. Among her other duties is to represents the School of Pharmacy at the Faculty Engagement Forum and she is organizing events for the NI Science Festival. Apart from her activities within our University, she was also Vice-Chair of the Young Scientist Committee of the Controlled Release Society and will be Chair this upcoming year. It is my great pleasure to nominate her for the Postdoc citizenship prize."

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