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This page only regroups events for postdocs; for courses and workshops, please visit the courses' page.


The PDC Newsletter is automatically sent to all postdocs (Research Fellows) in the Faculty of MHLS, based on mailing lists updated at the start of each month.

Most recent PDC Newsletter:

What's going on in the Faculty? Check out the Faculty newsletter: The Pulse.

What's going on in the University? Check out the weekly update: Staff Round Up.


PDC calendar

Add the PDC calendar to your own calendars

You can now add the PDC calendar to your Outlook calendars and easily access information on postdoc events!

No more looking frantically through emails to find the date of a seminar and registration link, forgetting the room or missing talks (thank you Outlook reminders)!

Here is the procedure in Outlook:

  1. Right-click on My Calendars – Add Calendar – Open shared calendar
  2. Click on Name and start typing the name of the calendar (; it will appear at the top of the list
  3. Select it and click OK and it will appear in your list of calendars; it's as simple as that!