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Find your fellowship

No idea how to search for fellowship calls and other sources of funding? This workshop is for you!

June 22, 2018
MBC 0G/121 computer room
14:00 - 16:00

This  workshop is the second part of the Fellowship Application Support Programme and teaches postdocs how to you use the research Professionnal database to identify funding sources. It is a hands-on computer session with personal help procided.


The workshop was rated as excellent or good by more than 90 % of attendees, 100 % of them learnt new ways to identify funding and thought the workshop was useful and all but one identified potential fellowship calls to apply for.

Postdoc feedback include:

"Was very useful to identify other funding sources e.g travel funds and prizes"
"It was great to learn about research professional and our free access this great site. My previous approach was to take note of charities in acknowledgements and looking up charities' websites to check out their grants and fellowships which takes a lot longer."
"I thought this was a really useful workshop and applicable to searching for all types of funding as well as fellowships." "Extremely helpful - I think it could appeal even to those not looking specifically for fellowships."
This workshop is organised by the PDC and Research Development.