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Lectureship recruitment: perspectives of the panel and candidates

Panel discussion with 2 senior academics and 2 recently-appointed lecturers to better understand the lectureship recruitment process. The discussion will be recorded in front of an audience and then made accessible as one of the PDC podcasts.

February 17, 2020
Old staff common room (Lanyon Building). Access is on the right hand front corner of the building, from the outside (side of the Whitla Hall)
10:15 - 12:15

How are new lectureship posts are created? What do the selection panel expects from candidates? What does the application and interview process feels like as acandidate? How to become competitive and prepare for interview?

Get an answer to all these questions and more by attending this panel discussion (registration free but mandatory)!

The panel will include:

  • Prof Aaron Maule: as Faculty Dean of Research, member of the University Research Strategy group and senior academic from the School of Biological Sciences, Aaron has extensive experience of the strategic discussions leading to the creation of lectureships and has been involved in the recruitment of numerous lecturers
  • Dr Karen McCutcheon: Karen is a Senior Lecturer and the Director of Education in the School of Nursing and Midwifery. Her research focuses on the assessment of teaching and learning methods for nurses, an area of expertise she brings to assess the teaching experience of lectureship candidates
  • Dr Donna Small: after a few years as a postdoc, Donna was awarded a fellowship from the Medical Research Foundation to develop her own research interests in the Centre for Experimental Medicine. In 2018, she was appointed as Lecturer in Cell Signalling in the Centre for Cancer Research and Cell Biology
  • Dr Paul McVeigh: previously a postdoc in the School of Biological Sciences and co-chair of the postdoc society, Paul was appointed as Lecturer in Parasitology at the start of the academic year

The discussion will be recorded and then made available as episodes of the PDC podcast.


Please note that, because of the recording:

  • Entering and leaving the room will not be possible while recording (please be seated before 10:15 am)
  • The time for questions from the audience may be limited; if there are questions you would really like to be answered, please submit them online when registering or by email to so that they are included in the main discussion. Members of the audience won't be recorded and their questions will be repeated by the chair


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