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Fellowship videos

Fellowship Application Support Programme

The programme is designed to help postdocs write their fellowship application.

It involves:

  • a series of 9 online training videos: "Introduction to fellowships", "Finding a fellowship", "Tips for a successful application (what to think about before starting to write)", "Research proposal", "Impact and dissemination", "Institution and support", "Finance", "CV and career plan" and "Ethical considerations"
  • a list of key researcher support contacts at Queen's
  • feedback on the proposal draft, organised by Research Development and on the lay abstract, organised by the PDC
  • a mock interview if relevant

See the programme's page

The videos are accessible by Queen's staff and students.

Access to the videos and additional support can be granted on demand to external candidates developping a proposal to join Queen's University Belfast. The candidates would need to be supported by a Queen's academic and School as well as have contacted Research Development ( to discuss the feasibility of their application.

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Project overview and design

The Successful Research Roadmap

This course is designed and delivered by Dr Emma Williams (EJW Solutions), author of "What every postdoc needs to know". It helps postdocs clearly define all the aspects of their project to achieve success. It can be used for example to get a better grasp of a new project or to plan a fellowship.

Create a map of your project using a brilliant canvas adapted especially for researchers from the world of entrepreneurship. Supported by an hour and half of friendly videos broken into bite size chunks, you will look at all the building blocks to success. Each video is accompanied by an exercise to help you apply it to your research situation.

The PDC offers a few free logins to this course every year; keep an eye on the PDC newsletter not to miss out.

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Feedback from QUB participants:

"The course gave me the opportunity to step back from my project and think about it in more detail and the wider picture rather than just focusing on the particular task I am currently working on. I think this course is particularly useful at the beginning of your research career and also I think it would be good for phd students. It also made me think about fellowship applications which was very beneficial. Overall I would definitely recommend the course and feel this is a tool that could be used over and over as my research career progresses. Thank you for the opportunity to participate. I enjoyed the course and definitely learnt from it." (Particpant, 2019)

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Writing, publishing and reviewing

Nature Masterclasses

Nature Masterclasses provides online support for researchers with their writing skills and understanding of the publishing process.

The "scientific writing and publishing training" course takes users through the entire scientific publishing process, from how to write a paper, through to submission and publication and is delivered by Nature journal editors. It is provided by editors from Nature, involves bitesize lessons combining activities and videos. You will receive a certificate for each part of the course you complete. Nature Masterclasses also provides another course, "Focus on peer-review".

Feedback from a Queen's participant: "It was interesting. It helped me think about writing papers and showed me how to structure a paper and what editors are looking for which was very valuable. It was a nice balance or video, written, guidance and interaction with questions. I could do this at my own pace which was also important to me"

Queen's has a subscription to Nature Masterclasses, giving access to this online course to all staff for free, both on and off campus.

How to access the course:

  • Go to the Nature Masterclasses website
  • In "Login", select "login with your institutional credentials" at the bottom of the page
  • Select Queen's University Belfast in the list of institutions
  • Login with your Queen's login details
  • Enter your email and confirm it (you will receive an email with a link to click on)
  • Enjoy the courses!
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LinkedIn Learning

Queen's staff can request free access to LinkedIn learning and benefit from an extensive range of videos.

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Good Clinical Practice

Good Clinical Practice is delivered via an e-learning package. Access is controlled by QUB's Research Governance Team and HSC Trust R&D offices.

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Essentials of Budgeting

This online module is provided by the Leadership Foundation for HE and helps develop an understanding of planning, monitoring and reviewing budgets.

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Additional online provision

Additional online training courses can be accessed via QOL. Topics include teaching, research leadership and mandatory staff modules.

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