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Length: the programme includes about 9 h of content spread over 6 weeks. Learning is self-managed and participants retain access to the resources for life at the end of the programme

When: Webinars for 2020 are scheduled on 1 May, 12 May, 21 May, 2 June, 10 June (all 2 to 3 pm GMT). If you cannot attend some of those, a recording will be available after each session. It is however more beneficial for you to log in and interact with the trainer and other participants

Additional videos (and recording of webinars) can be viewed when it suits the participants

Where: Where you want, all you need is a computer connected to the internet! For the webinars, you will need your computer to have a microphone to ask questions to the trainer and interact with other participants, and ideally a webcam (but not compulsory)

Open to: Individuals who identify as women. Priority will be given to postdocs (research fellows, senior research fellows, fellowship holders) from the MHLS Faculty but other interested staff and PhD students are welcome to register and will be offered remaining places

Places: 15

Cost: Free; but represents a significant investment from the PDC so completion of modules is compulsory once registered


UNIque is an online career development programme for early career researchers who identify as women. It covers everything form potential career paths, personality profiling, job applications, time management, saying no, to setting goals and more.

It is both:

  • Interactive: involves webinars enabling participants to interact with the trainer and each other in multiple fun ways
  • Flexible: the online training videos and exercices can be done when and where participants want (webinars are also recorded), enabling postdocs to fit their career development within their work life and home life. It is especially of interest to those working on a remote site, in a different country, part-time or on parental leave (but is open to all) 

Programme Objectives:

The main objectives of the workshop are:
  • Step back to understand your career options in and out of the university sector
  • Explore what is important to you so decisions are based on your values
  • Get clear no-nonsense advice to help you get that next position
  • Learn tools to help you set goals and realise them

Programme Content:

The programme is split into 4 main parts, each including one webinar and a set of videos and exercises:
  • You and the University: Academic career paths; Women and Universities; PhD to postdoc; Postdoc to postdoc; Postdoc to fellowship; Onto lecturer; Beyond lectureships; Teaching track positions; Moving innto professional services; Moving out of the University; Mentoring
  • You and yourself: Your strengths; Personality profiling; Role models; Your values; Your brand; Your USP
  • You and your career: Hard work is not enough; Networking; Saying no; Negociation; Meetings; What does the web say about you; LinkedIn; General CV tips; Academic CVs; Non-academic CVs; Your interviews; Having it all
  • You and your goals: Being SMART; SWOT is stopping you? Goal timelines; Golden time; Horizon scanning; Email management; Diary management; Kanban; Being a (female) time lord

For more information, you can visit the UNIque webpage from the provider, EJW Solutions. Do not register via this page though, use the button below.


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(deadline: 8 April 2020)

Testimonials from previous participants

"You should take this course if you're a postdoc lost in translation wondering what to do next because you'll get a clear picture of the paths you can take as well as time to reflect on which path would better suit you." Alice, Synthetic Biologist, Imperial College London

"You should take this course if you're a Postdoc thinking about what you want the next steps in your career should and could be because the course will encourage you to find the thing you really want to do and will help you see how to get there." Marie, Chemist, Imperial College London

"You should take this course if you feel like you are drifting along and not making impactful career decisions because you will be given an array of tools that you can access for life, that help you to uncover your strengths and values and set achievable goals. Plus Emma is super friendly and knowledgeable, and will help motivate you along the way in the videos and webinars." Katie, Molecular Microbiologist, Imperial College London

"I really understood what I need to do to have the best chances in succeeding in my future applications, how to plan to get those things done. I also understood a lot more about myself and how I can use my strengths to really sell myself." Bianca, Cancer geneticist, Imperial College London


Designer and facilitator: Dr Emma Williams

Emma originaly designed aspects of this course for the PDC and ran the first session in 2019. She notably developped the Research Canvas used in this course.

Dr Emma Williams illuminates a wider career choice for early career researchers. She has a passion for enabling people to get the most out of their careers (academic or otherwise) with particular interests in enterprise skills and women's development. She has worked widely in the UK and overseas in research intensive settings delivering development events and coaching. She is a co-author of 'What every postdoc needs to know' using her 25+ years experience of the HE sector (from physicist to business owner).


Thank you!


Access to the UNIque programme is partly funded by the MHLS Faculty Gender Equality Committee fund.

Find more information on Queen's Gender Initiative committee, the Gender Equality office of the School of MDBS and the Athena Swan Charter, which recognises and celebrates good employment practice for women working in science, engineering and technology (SET) in higher education and research.