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"The theory of the postdoc evolution" is the podcast from the PDC. Its aim is to provide postdocs with information helping them planning their careers.

It can be for example (but not only):

  • interviews of professionals about their job and career paths
  • interviews of experts on topics relevant to the postdoc experience (fellowships, REF, open access etc.)
  • tips from career development professionals
  • testimonies of postdocs about experiences that benefited their career
  • opportunities available for postdocs

Postdocs are encouraged to contribute to the podcast by proposing topics, guests, coming to talk on the podcast, sending questions for scheduled guests etc. As much as possible, we will provide opportunities for postdocs to meet with the guests of the podcast when requested.

While it is originaly designed for postdocs, "The theory of the postdoc evolution" could benefit many auditors and we welcome feedback from everyone!

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How to listen to the podcast?


You can listen to "The theory of the postdoc evolution":

  • With iTunes: here or using the link below each episode on this page
  • By downloading the mp3 file from the Mediasite server: click on the "Download from Mediasite" link below each episode on this page, then on the 3 vertical dots on the right-hand side of the player
  • Directly on this page, by playing the embeded videos (requires an internet connection when you are listening)

Using iTunes enables you to subscribe to the podcast and get notifications when new episodes are available! New episodes are also advertised in the PDC newsletter and via the PDC's social media accounts.

Please leave us feedback either on iTunes or on this page, thanks!


Available podcasts

#3 The REF and working in Research Policy

Guests: Chris Browne (esearch Policy Manager at Queen's University Belfast)

Hosts: Alice Dubois (Head of the PDC)

Recording date: 18/06/19 (recording and editing by Stephen Mullan)

Description: In this podcast, Chris Browne (Research Policy Manager in Queen's University Belfast) explains what the Research Excellence Framework (REF) is, what it is for, how it works and most importantly how it affects postdocs. Chris also discusses his role of Research Policy Manager and gives us an insight of other governmental assessment frameworks: TEF (Teaching Excellence Framework) and KEF (Knowledge Exchange Framework).

#2 Being self-employed and finding a job you love

Guests: Lucy McKenna (Funder of Full Aeon Ltd, Learning designer, facilitator and coach)

Hosts: Alice Dubois (Head of the PDC)

Recording date: 28/03/19 (recording and editing by Stephen Mullan)

Description: In this podcast, Lucy McKenna (Funder of Full Aeon Ltd, Learning designer, facilitator and coach) discusses her career path, her experience building her consultancy company and what it means to be self-employed. In her role, Lucy designs workshops and coaches people to help them feel fulfilled; she here shares with us a few tips on how to choose a career to be happy in life. Lucy also talks about one of her passions and gives us a glimpse of what work may look like in the future!

#1 Careers in scientific publishing

Guests: Tasha Mellins-Cohen (director of publishing for the Microbiology Society) and Helina Marshall (Postdoc in CEM; Junior editor for Access Microbiology)

Hosts: Alice Dubois (Head of the PDC)

Recording date: 20/11/18 (recording and editing by Stephen Mullan)

Description: In this podcast about careers in scientific publishing, guest Tasha Mellins-Cohen, director of Publishing for the Microbiology Society, talks about her role, career, types of positions in publishing and challenges faced by the sector. A QUB postdoc guest, Helina Marshall, also joins and shares her experience as a junior editor for Access Microbiology.

Podcasts to come

Coming soon and open to questions

#4 The lectureship recruitment process

Guests: TBD

Hosts: Alice Dubois (Head of the PDC)

Recording date: TBD

Description: We will talk with an academic with significant experience in lectureship recruitment panels and an early career researcher who recently transitionned from a postdoc to a lectureship position. We will focus on the recruitment process for teaching and research lectureships, including both the application stage and the interview. In addition to postdocs ready to apply for a lectureship, we expect to also help postdocs at an earlier career stage by highlighting how to develop a CV to become competitive for lectureship positions in the future.

Other ideas

Suggest other topics and guests

Here are a few topics we are thinking of covering in the future:

Career interviews:

- Industry series (scientist, quality control, project management etc.)

- Academic PI

- Data analyst

- Clinical trials

- Research products and methods series (product development, sales, customer support etc.)

- Researcher support

- Charity sector

Postdoc life:

- REF, TEF, KEF, what are they?

- The benefits of getting involved with professional societies

- ICURe programme: postdoc innovators

- Funders interviews (funding opportunities and expectations)

- Writing for blogs and mainstream communication

- Advice from recruiters

Help us improve the podcast!

Suggest a topic or guest for future podcasts:

Give us some feedback:

Thank you to...

The PDC thanks all the podcasts guests, all the postdocs who propose topics, guests, questions or contribute to the podcast in any way and all those who listen!

Huge thanks to Stephen Mullan, Video Resources Producer at QUB, for recording and editing "The theory of the postdoc evolution"; Stephen is incredibly resourceful and this podcast wouldn't exist without him! Thanks also to Tony Furnell, Media Support Technician at QUB, for helping with technicalities related to the generation of an RSS feed for the podcast and registration with iTunes.

"The theory of the postdoc evolution" is recorded in Queen's University Belfast recording studio (for more information on recording podcast at Queen's, see the Video Production's page and the Mediasite's page).