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PDC library

How to borrow a book from the PDC library?

To borrow a book from the PDC library you need to:

  • Be a postdoc in the Faculty of Medicine, Health and Life Sciences
  • Contact the PDC ( or 028 9097 2991) to check if the book you want is available and arrange pick-up date/time
  • Sign the PDC library conditions of utilisation (the first time you borrow a book)
  • Come to the PDC (3rd floor of the MHLS Faculty office) to pick-up the book and update the registory
  • Bring the book back to the PDC within 2 weeks, undammaged
  • Feedback on the books is much welcome!

Book consultation:

Postdocs, other staff members or PhD students can consult PDC books on site when the PDC is open and a member of the PDC staff is available. Contact the PDC ( or 028 9097 2991) to arrange date/time.

Additional information:

  • You can borrow a book you already have in your possession for an additional 2 weeks (only if the book in question has not been requested by another postdoc)
  • If you loose or damage a book, you will be asked to replace it
  • Do not directly give a PDC book to another postdoc without first getting approval by the PDC (if it disappears you will be responsible!)
  • Do not write in the books or fold corners; take care of the books when carrying them

Books by category

The PDC library contains books to help you make the best out of your postdoc, build up communication, organisation, teamwork and leadership skills as well as identify and reach the career of your dreams!

The postdoc experience

Organisation and efficiency

Communication and other skills

Leadership and academic skills

Career exploration and planning

Job search and application

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