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Workshops and programmes

Courses, workshops and development programmes are organised in a wide range of themes from technical skills to career exploration and development. They are delivered by multiple departments including the Postdoctoral Development Centre, Organisational Development, Information Services and the Centre for Educational Development.


The general workshop offering by the PDC and other University providers, such as Organisational Development, has been reduced in 2020-21 as the result of the Covid-19 pandemics and related budget restricitions. Some of the workshops listed on this page may not be available during that time. Apologies for any inconvenience.

The PDC organises a few bespoke workshops tailored to postdocs. These workshops result from a consultation of Faculty postdocs to answer their main needs and are the first workshops to consider attending:

View PDC postdoc-specific workshops

Check out all the available workshops and programmes, organised in 7 categories:

Technical skills
Upgrade your research abilities
Teaching and Supervision
Shape the next generation
Organisation and Project Management
Boost your efficiency
Leadership and Teamwork
Motivate your group

The PDC adapts workshops and programmes to your needs

Please provide feedback after attending

and contact us for new ideas!

Business skills
Develop your commercial awareness
Impact and communication
Inspire all audiences
Career development
Get your dream job