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Understanding the world of business is not only important for postdocs willing to move to a career in industry. More and more private companies fund R&D projects run by academics, and collaborative funding aiming at increasing the societal impact of research are regulary advertised. Universities are very interested in the commercialisation of their research and give more importance than before to patents and the creation of spin-out companies.

Knowledge and experience of business, intellectual property and science commercialisation thus make postdocs very attractive candidates in and out of academia!

  • PDC workshops and programmes

    Innovation Training Programme

    Business Alliance and the PDC are teaming up to provide FMHLS postdocs with a 2-day innovation training programme:

    Details and registration

  • Other Workshops and courses

    Organisational Development / Research and Enterprise courses:

    Creativity and innovation

    Intellectual Property and Research

    Ad hoc workshops and talks

    Research and Enterprise regularly organises talks, workshops and events on topics relevant to intellectual property, commercialisation of science etc. These opportunities will be advertised in the PDC Newsletter and social media.

  • Other programmes

    Young Entrepreneur Scheme competition

    Willing to test your entrepreneurship skills? Wanting to learn more about the industry world? The Young Entrepreneur Scheme is for you!

    YES is a 3 days programme designed to develop business awareness and an understanding of entrepreneurship in UK postgraduate students and postdoctoral researchers. This goal is achieved through a competition in which those participating prepare a business plan for a hypothetical company. It includes workshops (in GSK, Stevenage) facilitated by leading figures in industry introducing the most important topics to be considered when starting up a company as well as time to prepare the proposal, access to mentors and networking opportunities.

    In 2018, the QUB Business Alliance team and the PDC supported a team of 5 Faculty postdocs to attend the GSK workshop, by providing tailored advice and covering costs.


    Postdoc to innovators (P2i) Fair

    The P2i fair is an incredible opportunity for postdocs to meet and gain advice from start-up CEOs, corporate entrepreneurs, marketing and HR experts, IP lawyer and investors. The Enterprise Fairs provide the opportunity to network with industry leaders from across Europe, as well as other postdocs working both in industry and academia.

    In 2018, Business Alliance and the PDC organised for 3 Faculty postdocs to attend the P2i entrepreneur fair in Glasgow (19-21 November 2018).

    Applications to be sent to by the 26th September 2018.

    Download the application form


    Industry collaboration funding

    See Funding section

  • Additional resources


    Qubis Ltd was established by QUB to identify and commercially exploit research from the University, notably via the creation of spin-outs. A dedicated team can provide you with advice regarding the intellectual property or business development from your research.


    Co-funders programme

    Co-funders is a programme run regularly by Connect at Catalyst Inc. The aim of this programme is to introduce to each other aspiring entrepreneurs with and without an idea of product or company in order to form teams (the co-funders). Successful teams are coached to bring their company to life! This programme is free but requires a significant time investement.