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A postdoc itself is not a career but it can be an amazing opportunity to develop new skills, build collaborative networks and strengthen CVs. Postdocs in the Faculty of MHLS are entitled to up to 10 days of training to define and develop their careers by attending courses, events, joining a committee etc.

As a postdoc, the development of your career is entirely YOUR RESPONSIBILITY but the PDC and other University departments are here to support you, so do not hesitate to contact us!

  • PDC workshops and programmes

    Design for life - proactively owning your life and career

    Identify your values, needs and aspirations to choose a career that suits you and make a plan to reach your goal using methodologies like design thinking.

    Follow up career peer-support groups can be organised on demand after the workshop.

    More information on Design for life


    PDC postdoc induction: Make the best out of your postdoc!

    The PDC postdoc induction includes tips on how to improve your CV during your postdoc as well as resources to start planning your career!

    It is originally directed towards new postdocs but postdocs at any stage of their contract are welcome.

    More information on the PDC postdoc induction.


    PDC personal support

    Application feedback and interview preparation can be provided; check the dedicated section


    PDC library

    Most books from the PDC library are related to career development; have a look at the list

  • Other Workshops and courses
  • Other programmes (Mentoring)

    Group mentoring

    A group mentoring programme is organised by the Research Policy Office and Organisational Development. Groups of usually 6 postdocs are assigned an academic mentor and meet about 4 times in the year to discuss challenges that mentees face, find solutions and engage in career development activities. Additionally to the experience of the mentor, mentees benefit from peer-to-peer support. Feedback from previous participants is available here.

    This programme usually starts in January-February and information will be advertised in the PDC Newsletter.

    Current deadline to sign up: 27th November 2019, 5 pm.


    Apply here


    Gender initiative mentoring

    The Gender Initiative at Queen’s organises a mentoring programme every year designed to advise women researchers in the area of career progression. It is open to postdoctoral female researchers but places are limited and it is advised to apply as soon as the scheme is advertised. Postdocs are paired with a more experienced researcher from a different Faculty and meet several times in the year. For more information, contact

    2018 application deadline: 5th October 2018

    Download information for participants

    Download mentee application form


    General mentoring information


    Booklet: "Guide to mentoring staff"

  • Additional resources

    Online individual development plan myIDP


    Career development toolkit for researchers