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Impact corresponds to all the communication and outcomes relevant to your research. The importance of impact is highlighted by the multiplication of outreach programmes in Universities, Impact awards and an increase in its contribution to the next REF excercise.

Impact notably involves:

  • the dissemination of your work to the scientific community, through publications and presentations at conferences for example
  • the commercialisation of products and concepts arising from your work (includes collaboration with industrial partners)
  • the implementation of new policies based on your work
  • the communication of your research and field to the general public (through social media, public lectures, appearances in mainstream media, demonstrations at festivals and in school...) and patients groups
  • the empowerment and inspiration of younger generations (for STEM subjects for example)

To be a successful researcher, you need to have an impact!

Impact is important for career progression, funding applications but mostly, it is the reason why you are doing research!

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  • Other programmes

    Nature masterclasses

    The Nature masterclasses cover all aspects of the publication process of scientific articles. It contains courses, workshops and webinars to help scientists publish their research.

    Queen's suscribes to that programme which makes the access FREE to you from the University network.

    Download the user guide to Nature masterclasses


    Writing for Academic Publishing (online course)

    This course is designed for early career researchers, within 2-3 years post-PhD, starting out on an academic publishing career. It’s for researchers across STEM, social science, and arts and humanities subject areas who, having completed their data collection and analysis, are at the stage of writing their first research papers. It is a four week course, which requires 5-7 hours work per week.

    Learn how to write clearly and how to target journal papers more efficiently — with academic research coach Dr Daniel Soule.  A number of places are available for Queen’s staff to join this four-week online programme, beginning 5th November 2018.

    As a researcher, you are under increasing pressure to publish earlier in your career, with greater frequency and in higher-ranked journals. But how do you decide which journals to approach with your research, and what’s the best way to do that?  This four-week online course will help you navigate the academic publication world, while teaching you the skills you need to become a clear, effective and efficient research writer.

    The course is suitable if you:

    • Want to understand the journal publication process and how to choose the right journals for publication
    • Need to boost your confidence and overcome challenges to your writing process
    • Want to join a friendly and supportive group of learners, all working toward academic publication
    • Can dedicate 5-7 hours per week for the duration of the course

    Your tutor will provide weekly feedback to the group and will be monitoring individual learning, but perhaps more important in the learning experience are the close working relationships you establish with other participants on the course.

    Further information on the course contents and the online teaching and learning process is attached and available at

    registration for this course is organised by Organisational Development (Learning & Development).  If you wish to apply for a place please email, by Thursday 25 October 2018, Paul Monahan


    STEM ambassador network

    The STEM ambassadors programme involves a network of volunteers working in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) disciplines who communicate their passion to young people in order to raise their interest in science and scientific careers. The programme is coordinated in Northern Ireland by W5.

    Being a STEM ambassador is a recognised certification and demonstrates your dedication to public engagement. It requires passing a background check (to work with yound people) and taking part in a minimum of 2 activities per year.



    Sentinus is an organisation aiming at facilitating the promotion of STEM subjects in schools of Northern Ireland. It offers several programmes that you can contribute to, including work placements such as the Nuffield Research summer placement scheme.


    Public engagement

    For any queries regarding the STEM ambassador network, Sentinus and public engagement in general, please contact the Faculty Public Engagement Officer, Dr Donna Rogers (

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