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Impact and communication

Impact corresponds to all the communication and outcomes relevant to your research. The importance of impact is highlighted by the multiplication of outreach programmes in Universities, Impact awards and an increase in its contribution to the next REF excercise.

Impact notably involves:

  • the dissemination of your work to the scientific community, through publications and presentations at conferences for example
  • the commercialisation of products and concepts arising from your work (includes collaboration with industrial partners)
  • the implementation of new policies based on your work
  • the communication of your research and field to the general public (through social media, public lectures, appearances in mainstream media, demonstrations at festivals and in school...) and patients groups
  • the empowerment and inspiration of younger generations (for STEM subjects for example)

To be a successful researcher, you need to have an impact!

Impact is important for career progression, funding applications but mostly, it is the reason why you are doing research!