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The PDC workshops are designed specifically to address the needs of postdocs and are generally facilitated by external consultants or developped in collaboration with other QUB departments, especially for postdocs.

Based on your needs and feedback, the provision of PDC courses may vary from one year to the other.

Do not hesitate to email your suggestions to

Career design

Getting the life you want

Identify your values, needs and aspirations to choose a career that suits you and make a plan to reach your goal using methodologies like design thinking.

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PDC Postdoc Induction

Giving your postdoc the best start!

This short PDC induction will help you make the best out of your postdoc at Queen's. It covers support available to postdocs, provides organisation tips and helps you initiate your career development plan.

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Innovation Training Programme

Work better with or in industry!

This programme is organised with Business Alliance and includes two workshops covering networking, negotiation skills and business awareness. This programme will help both postdocs willing to move to an industry job and postdocs willing to develop academia-industry collaborations.

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Managing yourself and your research project

How to be an efficient postdoc

Project and time management skills are key to a successful career and a good reputation! This workshop will help you efficiently prioritise, manage your work and get things done... On time!

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Grant writting

How to write collaborative grants for postdocs

This course, provided by a grant-writting expert from Research Development, is designed to introduce postdocs to multi-partner grant applications. It is a taster session enabling you to understand what you need to think about to develop a successful collaborative project and how, as a postdoc, you can support your PI in their applications and gain some experience.

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Grant management

How to manage collaborative projects for postdocs

This course, provided by a grant management experts from Research Development, is designed to introduce postdocs to the management of multi-partner projects. It will help understand the life of a project, roles and responsibilities, project management tools and will involve case studies.

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(Research) Pitch Perfect!

This workshop, facilitated by experts in science communication, helps you discover your natural charisma, allowing you to connect more spontaneously and directly with your audience. Using improvisation, theatre skills and role-play, this course will help you tell your research story, access your personal style whilst maintaining the integrity and content of your speech or presentation; especially with non-specialist audiences and in the context of public engagement.

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