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PDC workshops


The general workshop offering by the PDC and other University providers, such as Organisational Development, has been reduced in 2020-21 as the result of the Covid-19 pandemics and related budget restricitions. Some of the workshops listed on this page may not be available during that time. Apologies for any inconvenience.

The workshops listed here are designed specifically to address the needs of postdocs and identified as key bespoke resources by the PDC. They are facilitated by external consultants or internal experts.

You can influence the courses provided by the PDC and other departments by contacting the PDC and/or your local PDC ambassadors. Based on your needs and feedback, the provision of postdoc-specific courses may vary from one year to the other.

Do not hesitate to email your suggestions to

Other PDC bespoke training online

Don't forget to check our online resources, including:

  • the "successful researcher roadmap" (to understand the big picture of your project)
  • the in depth "UNIque" career development programme for women
  • the fellowship training video series

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PDC Postdoc Induction
Giving your postdoc the best start!

This short PDC induction will help you make the best out of your postdoc at Queen's. It covers support available to postdocs, provides organisation tips and helps you initiate your career development plan.

Induction info and registration

PDC workshop
Manage yourself: Achieving work-life balance through personal effectiveness

This course will provide information, tools, practice and general clarity on how to work effectively to help you deliver on your research and other duties without compromising your work-life balance and wellbeing.

Personal effectiveness workshop info and registration

Success with fellowships
Get your application started!

A personal fellowship can help your academic career a lot, but what is really a fellowship and how can you write a compelling application? This series of 3 workshops co-ordinated and facilitated by the Research Development Team is a great way to find out!

Fellowship workshops info and registration

Lectureship applications
Lectureships: Ready, Set, Go!

Is your plan to apply for a lectureship or Vice-Chancellor's fellowship?

This workshop will help you assess your competitiveness for lectureships, fill potential gaps in your CV and look at the application process.

Lectureships workshops info and registration

Innovation Training Programme
Work better with or in industry!

This 2-day workshop is organised with Business Alliance and covers Industry-Academia Collaborations, networking, negotiation skills and business awareness using case studies. This programme is originally designed to help both postdocs willing to develop academia-industry collaborations but is also of interest for those willing to move to an industry job.

Innovation programme info and registration

Grant writting
How to write collaborative grants... for postdocs

This course, provided by a grant-writting expert from Research Development, is designed to introduce postdocs to multi-partner grant applications. It is a taster session enabling you to understand what you need to think about to develop a successful collaborative project and how, as a postdoc, you can support your PI in their applications and gain some experience.

This course is organised regulartly; more information is available only when registration is open.

When booking a course, please read our

Attendance policy