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Length: 3 x 2 h (6 h total)

When: 13th, 20th and 27th November 2018 (9:30 to 11:30 am)

Where: Main site tower 0G/009 (for 13/11/18 and 20/11/18), MBC 01/002 (for 27/11/18)

Open to: postdocs (research fellows, senior research fellows, fellowship holders) from QUB with priority to those from the MHLS Faculty

Places: 18

Cost: Free; but represents a significant investment from the PDC so attendance to the 3 sessions is compulsory once registered


In a world that is changing fast, we are required to be increasingly resilient and adaptable. Taking a design approach to our life & career can help us do this. In this collaborative workshop we provide you with a practical approach to being proactive in your own life and where it is going. We discuss how you can apply innovation models and methodologies, like Design Thinking, we introduce you to tools that can help you explore and reflect on your own life & career, and we help you take the first steps in designing a life that truly works for you.

Programme Objectives:

After attending the workshops we expect that attendees will:
  • be able to explain the Design thinking process, how to use it in a business setting, and how it can be applied when designing their own life
  • have gained insights on themselves, identified values that are important them, and have a refreshed sense of direction & purpose
  • be able to articulate things in their future they would hope to achieve
  • be able to look at their needs and wants, and identify what is actually important to them
  • have identified actions they can take now, that will help them to get more from their life and their postdoctoral journey
  • be able to explain how fear can stop them for taking the steps they want, and how to overcome this
  • have a selection of tools & techniques that they can continue to use beyond this workshop

After the programme, if a group of postdocs is interested to keep meeting as a career peer-support group, the PDC is open to facilitate it.

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Lucy Mc Kenna is a Learning specialist, facilitator and personal development expert. She works with innovative & growing organisations, helping them create positive work environments, build resilience and thrive in a time of constant change. Lucy has developed her skills over the last 15 years working in organisations such as Google, Eircom and Aer Lingus. She now runs her own learning & development consultancy, Full Aeon Ltd, which has the overarching goal to create happier people, teams and societies. She has a MA in Interactive Media Design, a degree in Business Studies and is a certified coach. If you want to get Lucy engaged in an animated discussion, get her talking about the future, and the opportunities it holds for us to become truly human beings as opposed to human doings!

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