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Fellowship workshops

Length: 3 independent sessions (1h for each workshop), which are registered for separately (note: registration for workshop 2 opens only once workshop 1 has been completed and registration for workshop 3 opens after workshop 2)

When: Workshop 1 on 2nd September 2020 (11 am), Workshop 2 on 19th October 2020 (11 am) and Workshop 3 on 9th November 2020 (11 am)

Where: Online via MS Teams

Open to: all Queen's researchers considering applying for a fellowship. External researchers intending to apply for an external fellowship to join Queen's should contact the course organisers to get access.

Places: NA

Cost: Free


This workshop series is aimed at researchers considering applying for a fellowship. The Research Development Team invites you to learn more about how to prepare for and apply for fellowships. They will show you how to improve your chances of a successful application and highlight common pitfalls, as well as provide details on the support the team can provide.

Workshop 1: Introduction to fellowships

  • What is a fellowship and how will it help my long-term career?
  • Research Development Team support  - what we can do to help with your application 
  • Identifying a suitable fellowship
  • What can I do to make myself competitive?

Workshop 2: Tips from the experts

This workshop will focus on tips for making a successful fellowship application. A panel discussion will include successful fellows talking about the application process, and senior academics who regularly review fellowships will give their insights on what makes a strong application. More information on the panel members can be found in the workshop serie's page (see button below).

Workshop 3: Developing the application

This workshop will be an in-depth information session about fellowship application components (Case for support, Justification of Resources etc), and how to set about writing them.

Components of a Fellowship application:

  • Case for Support (including impact)
  • Justification of Resources
  • Data Management plan
  • Workplan

Details and registration on the serie's page

Co-ordinators and Facilitators

This programme is co-ordinated and Facilitated by Tom Gibson and Evelyn Keaveney from Queen's Research Development team.

Tom and Evelyn are experts in funding applications and provide support to researchers applying for grants and fellowships, link with funders and organise events related to research funding.


If you want to know more about fellowships and receive personalised support but are not able to attend the workshop series or your timeline does not fit the series, a recording of the workshops will be made available on the workshop's page.

You can also avail from the training provided by the online training fellowship video series of the Fellowship Application Support Programme and receive one-to-one support from the Research Development team.

View the page for the Fellowship Application Support Programme