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PDC Postdoc Induction

Length: 2.5 h

When: Regularly; the next session will be on the 2nd July 2021 (2 to 4:30 pm)

Where: Online (via Teams)

Open to: developed for postdocs (research fellows, senior research fellows, fellowship holders) from the MHLS Faculty; other interested staff will also be welcome

Places: Depends on the room; usually 20 max. Additional sessions can be organised based on demand. 

Cost: Free; but requires registration (see button below)


Moving into a new role and sometimes a new University can be unsettling and delay your progress as a postdoc. The PDC Postdoc Induction is designed to help postdocs identify the range of support and opportunities available at QUB as well as plan their next career move from the outset to make the best out of your time as a postdoc! By following the principles showcased in this induction, you can be sure that at the end of your contract, you will have improved your CV and will be a step closer to your dream career!

Programme Objectives:

After attending the workshops we expect that attendees will:
  • have a better idea of the University's structure
  • understand the basics of the research funding landscape in the UK
  • be able to list possible structures providing support to postdocs at QUB
  • be aware of the support provided by the Postdoctoral Development Centre
  • have identified what they want to get out of their postdoc
  • have learnt a few tips to work efficiently
  • have started their career development plan and set some goals

After the programme, we advise postdocs to review their career development plan regularly with a mentor, a postdoc friend or a group of postdocs. participants are handed a "Development Folder" with documents to help with their career development. The electronic versions of these documents can be downloaded here.

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Dr Alice Dubois is the Head of the Postdoctoral Development Centre and, as such, is in charge of developing support for postdocs in collaboration with multiple University depratments. Alice is a planning freak (you can ask her previous PI and team!) and loves helping postdocs progress towards their dream career, in or out of academia. As a former postdoc herself, she knows how important it is to strategically seek and seize opportunities so that a two-years postdoc contract leads to much more than two additional lines on a CV!

Feedback from postdocs in 2020

Average rating: 4.8/5

Recommended by: 100 %

Number of feedback received: 14