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Personal effectiveness

Length: 3 h

When: 18th June 2021 (9:30 to 12:30)

Where: MS Teams

Open to: postdocs (research fellows, senior research fellows, fellowship holders) from the MHLS Faculty will have priority but other researchers from Queen's are welcome to register if interested. A second session may be organised if needed.

Places: 12 only, to facilitate online engagement. A second session may be organised to accommodate other interested people

Cost: Free


At work, one of the main contributors to wellbeing is a healthy work-life balance. Being a postdoc in academia can be very flexible in terms of when you work, how you organise your own work and often even where you work. Used well, this flexibility can enable you to maximise your work-life balance and wellbeing.

This course will provide information, tools, practices and general clarity on how to work effectively to help you deliver on your research and other duties without compromising your work-life balance and wellbeing.

Your contributions and feedback during the session will be used by the PDC to co-create some guidance of what good work-life balance looks like for postdocs. These principles will then be made available on the PDC website to clarify some expectations and good practice to help postdocs and their managers and contribute to promoting a positive working culture in all the Faculty's Schools.

In addition to providing you directly with some knowledge, we will enrich the session by encouraging self-reflection and share good practice and tips between participants.

We will notably cover topics like working week length for postdocs, prioritising, multi-tasking, weekly planning, minimising distractions, impact of your behaviour/level of organisation on others etc.

This session is a first time experiment for the PDC and originated from a discussion on work-life balance for postdocs held with your postdoc and academic representatives at the PDC committee. Your contributions and feedback will also help improving future sessions.

Programme Objectives:

The main objectives of the workshop are to:
  • Provide you with information, tips and tools to enhance how you organise your work
  • Help you prioritise and focus
  • Clarify expectations and good practice for postdocs relevant to working patterns
  • Help you self-reflect to adapt your working patterns to your personality and circumstances 
  • Reflect on how behaviours and practices related to time management influence others and the wider working culture
  • Co-create good practice guidance in this area

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Facilitator: Dr Alice Dubois

Alice is a former biomedical postdoc now head of the Postdoctoral Development Centre. She established the PDC in 2018 and has been running it since, providing personal support to postdocs in the MHLS Faculty, organising courses and events as well as influencing policy relevant to postdocs. Alice loves nothing more than ticking tasks off her list and is often described by those who work with her as "very organised", and sometimes "planning-freak"!

Alice is particularly keen on improving research culture at Queen's, especially for postdocs, by redefining norms and behaviours, promoting proactive and compassionate attitudes and empowering people to take their career, wellbeing and future into their own hands.

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