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CCRCB Open Day

The Centre for Cancer Research and Cell Biology (CCRCB) held their Public Open Day Saturday 16th February in conjunction with the NI Science Festival.

Staff working with children around a table

The event was attended by up to 200 visitors, and there was a great buzz in the Centre.

Our visitors ranged from children interested in science coming along with their parents, and teenagers and undergraduates considering a career in research to cancer survivors wanting to learn more about their disease and support the research staff and charities.

Technician Floor Manager Kirst McLaughlin had the opportunity to meet with one family of 4 (mother, father, daughter and son) to show them around the centre. She explains, “The family really enjoyed the event, especially as the mother herself had recently come through treatment for Breast Cancer, and felt it helped explain cancer to her children and how we in the lab try to fight their mummy’s bad cancer cells.  What an inspiration!”