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QUB Technicians on Tour - IST Conference, Newcastle

Seven technical staff from four different research/ teaching areas in the faculty attended the annual Institute of Science and Technology (IST) one-day Technical Conference held in Newcastle Upon Tyne on the 20th of September.

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Our MHLS representatives were Kirsty McLaughlin, Emily McDermott, Darren Murray, John Doran, Alison Meredith, Emma Gorman and Marek Knopik.

The conference provided a unique opportunity for over 300 technical staff from all backgrounds and specialities from throughout the UK to meet and attend a variety of specialised keynote lectures and parallel interactive workshops, ranging from bionic hands, mitochondrial disease, CERN specialists, plastic discussions, centrifuge clinics, and professional registration.

All those attending found the conference extremely positive engaging and motivating, enjoying interacting exclusively with technical staff from Universities leading the way with the Technical Commitment, and realising the potential it brings to Technical staff in Queens.