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Register of Interests

The University is committed to maintaining the highest standards in the conduct of its business.  This requires everyone associated with the University to conduct themselves with integrity, impartiality, honesty and professionalism at all times, and to avoid any conflict arising between their official University duties and their private interests. 

To support this process, Senate has approved a revised Register of Interests Policy, which applies to all University members, as set out below:

  • All staff employed by the University;
  • Anyone affiliated to the University through honorary contracts (e.g. visiting academics, visiting researchers and honorary academics);
  • Lay members of Senate and University Committees, to include co-opted appointees;
  • All third parties retained by the University to perform services for, and on behalf of, the University.

University Members should ensure that they are familiar with the new policy and the related reporting and approval procedures, full details of which can be found here  

To enable the University to safeguard against potential conflicts of interest, the Registrar’s Office also maintains an institutional Register of Interests. It is the responsibility of all individuals to ensure that their entry on this Register is current and properly reflects their personal circumstances.

Maintenance of the Register is facilitated via the electronic proforma which is accessible under the ‘My Services’ section on Queen’s Online -  “Nil” responses are also required in order to ensure that a full and accurate central database is maintained.

Further information on the revised policy is available from the Registrar’s Office on request.