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Academic Review Group

Terms of Reference:


To make recommendations to the Education Committee for consideration and approval/endorsement of:

(i) Strategies, policies, Institutional objectives and rules relating to the review of outcomes of quality assurance processes in Schools.


To consider and grant approval of:

(i)  Procedures for the development, implementation, co-ordination and evaluation of the review of outcomes of quality assurance processes in Schools.
(ii) School-based reports and follow-up actions regarding the outcomes of quality assurance processes.


Composition Current Members
Chair: A Dean Professor S Gorman
  Director of Academic and Student Affairs Ms W Fee
  One Head of School Professor S Porter – School of Nursing and Midwifery
  One Director of Education from each Faculty

Ms M Boohan – School of Medicine, Dentistry and Biomedical Sciences

Mr A Jones – School of Planning, Architecture and Civil Engineering

Dr R Hickey – School of Law

  One Member of Staff with specific PGT experience Mr B McCaw – School of Pharmacy
  Head of the Planning Office Mr D Totten
  Students' Union Vice-President Education Ms H Niblock 

Dr W McClune – School of Education
Professor I Williams – School of Mathematics and Physics

In Attendance Academic Affairs  

Mrs K Henderson – Quality Assurance Team Lead

Ms H McNeely – Head of Academic Affairs (Acting)

Serviced by: Academic and Student Affairs Directorate (Dr D Coleman)
Reports to: Education Committee
Receives reports from: Educational Enhancement Process Sub-Group

September 2014