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Charter and Statutes 2015
SI - Definitions
SIII - Appointment of the Chancellor
SIV - The Pro-Chancellors
SVII - Regulation for the election of Six members of staff to Mship of Senate
SVII - Regulation governing the appt of Lay Members to Senate
SVII - Regulation governing the appt of Senate Reps to Univ Committees
SVIII - University Standard
SVIII - University Seal
SV - Appointment of President and VC
SVI - Appointment of Pro-VCs
SXVIII - Appointment of Registrar
SIX - Standing Orders of Senate
SIX - Standing Orders of the Senate Committees
SXI - Powers of Academic Council
SXI - Standing Orders of Academic Council
SXII - Non-Renewal of Limited Term Contracts
SXII - Removal from Non-Substantive Academic Posts
SXII - Redundancy
SXII - Discipline and Dismissal
SXII - Incapacity on Health Grounds
SXII - Dismissal of member of staff on other grounds
SXII - Capability Regulation
SXII - Grievance Procedures
SXIV - Recognition of Institutions
SXVII - The Honorary Treasurer
SXVI - Conferral of Honorary Degrees