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Following the untimely death of our Chancellor, Dr Tom Moran on 12 August 2018, steps are now being taken to appoint his successor. This process is conducted in line with the University Charter and Statutes. A Special Committee has been established for this purpose - details of the membership is provided here.

The Special Committee is now seeking nominations for the position of Chancellor. In making nominations, due account should be taken of the role and responsibilities of the Chancellor and the Corporate Plan 2016-21 - this includes the University's Core Values and sets out a roadmap for the further development of our University over the coming five years.

Role and Responsibilities

Statutory Position
The statutory position of the Chancellor is outlined below:

(i)  The Chancellor shall be the ceremonial and ambassadorial head of the University; 
(ii)  The mode of appointment and terms of office of the Chancellor shall be prescribed by Regulation; 
(iii)  The Chancellor, or in his/her absence the President and Vice-Chancellor, a Pro-Chancellor, or a deputy appointed by the President and Vice-Chancellor, shall preside and confer the Degrees, Diplomas, and other approved awards at all meetings of the University held for that purpose; 
(iv)  Senate may remove the Chancellor from office if he/she is deemed, by Senate, to be incapable of performing the duties of the post or for other good cause; 
(v)  The Chancellor may resign in writing, addressed to Senate, through the Vice-Chancellor.  

Traditional Roles
In practice, Chancellors in British and Irish Universities traditionally fulfil three main roles:

(a)  A ceremonial role which involves presiding at degree congregations and attending other ceremonies from time to time.
(b)  An ambassadorial role, where the holder of the office may be able to 'open doors' for the University as it seeks to fulfil its mission. Whilst a Chancellor might well be invited to accept a formal position as Patron of a Development Foundation, the University would, however, consider it wholly inappropriate to ask him or her to become involved directly in fundraising. 
(c)  An advisory role, where the Chancellor would be available to the Vice-Chancellor, to the Registrar and Chief Operating Officer and to the Chair of Senate, as a 'sounding board' when his or her counsel could be valuable in identifying a means of addressing a particularly contentious issue. Such involvement by a Chancellor is rare, but his or her contribution could be very valuable.

Former University Chancellors

The Chancellors of the University since World War II are detailed below:

1949-63  Field Marshall Alan Francis Brooke, 1st Viscount Alanbrooke 
1963-70  Sir Tyrone Guthrie - Distinguished theatre director 
1970-83 Lord Ashby of Brandon - Distinguished educationalist and former Vice-Chancellor 
1984-91  Sir Rowland Wright - Industrialist, formerly Chairman of ICI Ltd. 
1992-99  Sir David Orr - Industrialist and public servant, formerly Chairman of Unilever Plc and of the British Council 
1999-09  Senator George Mitchell - US Democratic Representative and former US Special Envoy for Northern Ireland (1995-01) and for Middle East Peace (2009-11) 
2009-14  Mr Kamalesh Sharma - Secretary General of the Commonwealth of Nations 
2015-18 Dr Tom Moran - Chairman, President and CEO of Mutual of America


Completed nomination forms should be sent, in the strictest confidence, to the Registrar's Office, Lanyon South, Queen's University Belfast, BT7 1NN, or by email to to reach us no later than Monday, 25 February 2019.

To assist the Special Committee in its deliberations, it is important that the nomination form is completed as fully as possible.

Please note that the names of those putting forward nominations will not be disclosed to the Special Committee.