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Over the course of this academic year, we are developing a new Strategic Plan for 2021 onwards.  The new Plan will be central to articulating our ambitions for the next 5-10 years and for setting out a framework for the delivery of key priorities within the context of the overall vision.

It is essential that the Plan is informed by the views of staff, students and external stakeholders, such as Employers, Schools and Partners. Over the course of the academic year, there will be a number of opportunities for staff and students to help shape the Plan.

Timeline for Development of Strategic Plan

Stage              DateActivityMilestones
Stage 1

Oct - Dec 2019

Information gathering and identification of emerging themes

The Vice-Chancellor has held 5 all-staff sessions.

Workshops have been held with Senior Managers and Senate.

Presentation of EPS Faculty Plans to UEB.

Stage 2

Jan - March 2020

Explore themes and identify priorities in consultation with staff, students and stakeholders

Presentation of MHLS and AHSS Faculty Plans to UEB.

The Vice-Chancellor is currently undertaking a series of visits to Schools and Directorates to further explore the themes emerging from the all-staff sessions.

An independent consultation will take place with external stakeholders.

A further all-staff session will take place in the RVH site in March.

Stage 3

April 2020

Preparation of Strategy to UEB

A Draft Plan will be presented to the University Executive Board for their feedback.
Stage 4

April-June 2020

Consultation with staff and students

A web-based consultation will take place with staff and students on the draft Plan.
Stage 5

June - Oct 2020

Refinement and approval

Plan updated to reflect feedback from staff and students.

Draft Plan to be presented to the Planning and Finance Committee and Senate.

Further refinement following Senate Feedback.

Stage 6

Oct - Dec 2020

Launch of Strategic Plan

Launch of Plan following approval by the University Executive Board.


Emerging Themes

As part of Stage 1 of the development of the Strategic Plan,  the Vice-Chancellor has held workshops with senior managers and members of Senate and consulted with over 700 members of staff at a series of all-staff sessions. During these sessions, the Vice-Chancellor reflected on his first year in post, highlighting the University's achievements and outlining some of the challenges facing Queen's and the higher education sector. As part of these sessions, staff were asked to put forward topics and suggestions for discussion.

Themes emerging from staff feedback were:


This includes:

  • Our commitment to the UN Sustainable Development Goals
  • Commitment to embedding sustainability across Teaching, Research and Operations
  • Leading change in this area


This includes:

  • Use of technology to deliver flexible learning opportunities
  • Unifying digital services
  • Faster adoption of new technology


This includes:

  • Support for students
  • International Students
  • Partnerships


This includes:

  • People and Culture/Staff Development
  • Budgeting/Financial Resources
  • Effectiveness and Efficiency


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