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Queen’s researchers have provided commentary and analysis on sustainability action. This represents a selection of that coverage.

Almost two-thirds of species at deep-sea hydrothermal vents ‘at risk of extinction’
10 December 2021 / Evening Standard

The study from Queen’s University Belfast academics has led to 184 deep-sea species being added to the global Red List of Threatened Species.

Sustainable Christmas trees: an ecologist's buying guide
09 December 2021 /

Article created by Paul Caplat QUB: If you celebrate Christmas, chances are you are planning to decorate a tree (or have already). But how do you make an informed and environment-friendly choice?

Queen’s expert co-chairs global meeting to strengthen culture and climate change science
08 December 2021 /

Dr Will Megarry from Queen’s University’s School of Natural and Built Environment is co-chairing a global meeting to strengthen synergies between culture and climate science in the fight against climate change.

Climate Alliance Falls Short When It Comes to Shareholder Votes
08 December 2021 /

Just 13 of 46 NZAOA members voted on climate-related shareholder proposals, researchers at University College Dublin, Queen’s University Belfast and University of Edinburgh said in a report to be released Wednesday.

FP McCann launches carbon reduction programme
02 December 2021 /

FP McCann’s R&D Team will work alongside Dr Jacek Kwasny and Professor Su Taylor from Queen’s University Belfast throughout this drive to lower carbon emissions.

Hedgerows were historically planted as barriers between fields, now they are havens for wildlife
26 November 2021 / BBC

"Hedges should be right up there as one of the things that we can use to stop the impact of climate change being so severe," says ecologist Ian Montgomery of Queen's University Belfast in Northern Ireland

Academics: Climate science has spoken, it is time now for climate action
25 November 2021 / Newsletter

The mixed response to the outcome of the COP26 climate conference should not detract from the importance of science informing how we respond to the planetary crisis.

Northern Ireland lagging behind other UK regions in the reduction of carbon emissions
12 November 2021 / Irish News

John Barry, Professor of Green Political Economy at Queen's University, said the cost of doing nothing is immense. "It is in the very difficult context of Covid-19 that local authorities must consider the meaningful, lasting and interrelated benefits of decarbonising across all sectors, confronting the climate crisis, and harnessing the economic opportunities of local climate action," he said.

Peatlands: The race to protect NI's valuable ecosystems
12 November 2021 / BBC

Graeme Swindles, professor of geography at the School of Natural and Built Environment, Queen's University Belfast, argues that "healthy peatlands could have a hugely positive impact on our climate targets".

Just 13 of 46 NZAOA members voted on climate-related shareholder proposals, researchers at Universit
11 November 2021 / Packaging South Asia

Dr Emma Berry from the School of Psychology at Queen’s co-led the project … “In Northern Ireland, people recycle twice as much as they did 15 years ago and 10% of this is plastic. “ For many people, recycling has become part of their everyday routine …”

North-south project to bring together top academics from across Ireland to tackle climate change
09 November 2021 / Belfast Telegraph

Professor Jennifer McKinley, Director of the Centre for GIS and Geomatics in the School of Natural and Built Environment at Queen’s University, added: “Delivering excellence in research and training that brings substantial environmental, societal and economic benefits is at the centre of our ambitious interdisciplinary Network to deliver whole-system solutions.

NI agriculture: Is it a case of 'green' versus growth?
02 November 2021 / BBC

"Farmers are the stewards of the land, they have particular challenges," says John Barry, professor of green economics at Queen's University Belfast.

Inside the Fossil Fuel Divestment Movement at Cal State
23 October 2021 /

The impact of divesting on the international fossil fuel industry is a little more complicated, said Theodor Cojoianu, a finance lecturer at Queen’s University Belfast and a member of the Platform on Sustainable Finance at the European Commission.

Capturing and converting CO2 simultaneously
21 October 2021 /

Chunfei Wu, Reader at the School of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering at Queen’s University Belfast, spoke about the possibilities of scaling up the technology.

We must make computers like the human brain to save planet, says QUB expert
18 October 2021 / Belfast Telegraph

Modern computers must become more like the energy-efficient human brain in order to save the planet, according to a Queen’s University academic. Professor Roger Woods said it was “a global necessity” in order to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, with the water required to cool data centres already causing shortages.

Fighting between hermit crabs and microplastics: how pollution threatens marine biodiversity
14 October 2021 /

Gareth Arnott, project leader for the Institute for Global Food Security at Queen's University School of Biological Sciences, concludes: 'This study provides an overview of the potential of microplastics to alter important aspects of animal behavior that are critical for survival and reproduction. We need to investigate further how microplastics affect their behavior and consequences, armed with this knowledge to support change to protect our ecosystem. "

Research shows how plastics threaten marine biodiversity
13 October 2021 /

New research at Queen's University Belfast highlights the impact that microplastics are having on hermit crabs, which play an important role in balancing the marine ecosystem.

New oyster species named by Belfast expert to be protected in sustainability project
12 October 2021 / ITV

Dr Julia Sigwart QUB explained: “Official validation helps manage sustainability as scientists have more influence in encouraging the government and those who fish to protect it. It also ensures it has the best possible market value when it is sold as food.

Queen’s researcher leads efforts to protect newly recognised oyster species
11 October 2021 / Belfast Telegraph

Work is under way in Malaysia to protect a rare new species of oyster discovered by a team led by a Queen’s University researcher. “Official validation helps manage sustainability as scientists have more influence in encouraging the government and those who fish to protect it” Dr Julia Sigwart, Queen’s University.

NI farm trials to test willow’s ability to reduce methane emissions
06 October 2021 /

It’s one of a range of sustainable, natural resources, including seaweed, under investigation by the Institute for Global Food Security (IGFS) at Queen’s University Belfast with the potential to reduce agricultural emissions by as much as 50%