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Anti-Social Behaviour under COVID-19 Restrictions

The NI Executive still have restrictions in place for the population of Northern Ireland;  students are reminded the remaining restrictions also apply while living in Queen’s Accommodation. It is important that you are clear about the Northern Ireland Executive COVID-19 restrictions. For clarification:-

You and the students living with you in your house, flat, apartment or floor of a block, are a ‘household’ under the Northern Ireland Executive’s COVID-19 conditions. The restrictions state that:

  • up to ten people from no more than three households can meet inside in a private dwelling.
  • If a single household has 10 or more members, the maximum is increased to 15 people from no more than 3 households.

This includes: 

  • students from another Queen’s Accommodation block, house or apartment, or from another floor in your block

Please note:

  • Guests cannot be signed-in to stay overnight; this is currently not permitted and will be kept under review.
  • Students are discouraged from bringing any non-residents into their accommodation during the day in order to prevent the spread of the virus.
  • The rule that non-residents must leave Queen’s Accommodation before 11.00pm still applies.


Disciplinary Outcomes

You are advised that for a breach of COVID-19 regulations, the Director of Academic and Student affairs can issue an Emergency Precautionary Suspension for 14 days. You are also advised to make yourselves aware of the Queen’s University Student Conduct Regulations and the Standard Penalties for offences.
  • A first breach of COVID-19 guidance results in a written warning and a fine of up to £250.
  • All disciplinary outcomes, including a written warning, will stay on your transcript and your Academic School will be informed; they may instigate an investigation under ‘fitness to practice’, which can result in you having to leave your course.
  • A second, or repeated breach, or serious breach of COVID-19 guidance will mean you must attend a Committee of Discipline where the outcome can be expulsion from the University.

PLEASE NOTE: a serious breach of COVID Guidance under the Queen’s Regulations is:

  • Failing to self-isolate when you, or someone in your household, have tested positive;
  • Hosting a party of people from three or more households;
  • Obstructing or failing to co-operate with police or members of the University Security Team – e.g. hiding from police or the Security Team, running away or failing to give accurate information to police or the Security Team; or
  • Not leaving the premises when requested or returning to the premises after being warned by police, Belfast City Council or University staff to leave.

If you are a non-Queen’s student, you will be in breach of your Accommodation Contract if you breach the COVID-19 regulations set out by the NI Executive.

  • The first breach will result in a fine of up to £250;
  • The second breach will result in you being excluded from (having to leave) Queen’s Accommodation.

In all cases, a student expelled or suspended for a year from Queen’s or excluded from Queen’s Accommodation, will be liable for their fees for the remainder of their accommodation contract.