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Life at Queen's

Res Life
Residential Life
Residential Life

A wraparound level of support to students living in Queen's Accommodation, John Bell House, Aster House and LIV Belfast (accommodation provided under a nomination agreement) is a priority for all staff including the Residential Life team.

The Residential Life team consists of 26 Residential Assistants (who live in Elms BT9, Mount Charles, Elms BT1 and BT2), 2 graduate interns, 4 Residential Life Coordinators and the Residential Support and Events Manager.

Our Residential Life Coordinators and Residential Assistants are able to offer support if you feel lonely or homesick or need encouragement to join in social events to make new friends.

They also organise and promote a weekly programme of social events and trips throughout each semester.


The Residential Life Coordinators role:

  1. Welcome you on arrival and help you settle into your accommodation.
  2. Will lead a tour of the facilities at Elms BT9 and the Lounge at the Treehouse – a venue for events, chilling out or playing computer and board games, surfing on the bank of PCs or meeting with friends. Will also lead tours of Elms BT1 and Elms BT2, including social spaces.
  3. Provide support with settling into University life.
  4. Organise social events to help you get to know fellow students (which are advertised on our Facebook page, Twitter, Instagram,  TikTok and in our weekly Ezine and on posters throughout your building).
  5. Build strong community relations within all residences.
  6. Signpost professional support services found in One Elmwood.
  7. Help to address instances of noise/antisocial behaviour.
  8. Ensure you conduct yourself in a responsible and adult manner, respecting the comfort and safety of other students and local residents.
  9. Ensure you are familiar with the Queen's University Conduct Regulations.
  10. Listen to the needs of undergraduate students, international students and postgraduate students.
  11. Encourage you to get involved in various social events and projects.
  12. Organise open forums where you can voice your opinion, put forward ideas and thoughts on improving your accommodation and the facilities provided.
  13. Provide details on free and confidential support services available within Queen’s University.

The Residential Life Coordinators can be contacted in the Residential Team Office in the lower ground floor of the Treehouse.

Opening hours for the Residential Team office are listed below.

These opening hours are subject to change.

Contact: Telephone: 028 9097 4718,

Email your RLC:

Elms BT1 and Elms BT2:

Elms BT9:



Opening Hours

Residential Team


Monday - Friday 8am-10pm

Saturday  9am - 5pm

Sunday  2pm-10pm


* Opening hours (during teaching weeks) subject to change and closed during University holiday times.

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Residential Assistant
Residential Assistants
Residential Assistants

Residential Assistants support the Residential Life Coordinators and help you to settle into accommodation. They are students themselves, usually in their second or third year at Queen's University.

The Residential Assistants:

  • Welcome you on arrival and help you settle into your accommodation
  • Carry out induction meetings with each floor/building which gives you the opportunity to meet your fellow residents
  • Provide a nightly drop-in service where you can call in and meet/discuss any issue with a Residential Assistant
  • Advise you on your responsibilities regarding fire safety and organising/assisting in fire drills
  • Carry out regular fire checks within your apartment/building
  • Plan activities and promote the full social programme designed for you and fellow students to develop an inclusive and responsible community within accommodation
  • Communicate the extensive social programme of events happening in our social spaces and other venues around campus
  • Explain how to register for organised trips and outings - click here to book Residential Life at Queen's University Belfast (
  • Promote our free wellbeing and LGBTQ+ libraries
  • They are a first point of contact to help you if you have a problem and can highlight your need to the Residential Life Coordinators, for example, if you are having problems settling into University life
  • Assist you in organising your own events
  • There will be no Residential Assistants living in Grant House, 76 Malone Road and College Gardens in the 2022-23 academic year but a Residential Assistant has assigned responsibility and will call regularly to meet with the students in these buildings.

Interested? Why not become a Residential Assistant?

If you are interested in getting involved as a Residential Assistant in the future please speak with your Residential Assistant or one of the Residential Life Coordinators.

The role now qualifies for Degree Plus status so the experience gained will travel on your CV when you leave Queen's University.

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Students laughing at the Treehouse
Gambling, Alcohol and Drug Awareness
Gambling, Alcohol and Drug Awareness


Compulsive gambling is recognised as an emotional illness. Living with this illness can prove a devastating experience. Family relationships can become unbearably strained. 

The home can be filled with bitterness, frustration and resentment. There seems to be no way to solve insurmountable difficulties. If you or someone you know is affected by gambling, Gam-Anon can help. 

For further information see

Alcohol and Drug Awareness

Are you partying a bit too hard lately and think that your socialising might be getting out of hand?

Are you worried about your spending?

Have you missed some lectures and now panicking that you may not be able to catch up now?

University is not just about getting a degree. It involves mixing with and getting to know a new group of people and coping by yourself, possibly for the first time. You may feel that drinking will boost your confidence and help you fit in.

If you drink more than you can cope with you may find yourself missing classes and falling behind and catching up can start to seem difficult. Partying a lot can also hit your bank balance hard and you may be more inclined to take risks – like having unprotected sex.

Drinking may well be a feature of your life while at university but don’t let it define you. Don’t be afraid to do something other than drink. If you do think that your partying is starting to impact badly upon your course and your pocket, don’t worry – you are not the first.

For advice, support and information you can call in to the Counselling Service located on the 2nd Floor, Student Guidance Centre on University Road Monday-Friday during office hours. 

Useful Advice: 

Make a Plan                                      

Before you start drinking, set yourself a limit on how much you’re going to drink.

Set Yourself a Budget                      

Only take a fixed amount of money to spend on alcohol.

Make It a Smaller One                      

You can still enjoy a drink but go for smaller sizes. Try bottled beer or a small glass of wine.

Have a Lower-Strength Drink           

Cut down the alcohol by swapping strong beers or wines for ones with a lower strength

Stay Hydrated                                   

Drink a pint of water before you start drinking and try to drink water between drinks.  Avoid using alcohol to quench your thirst. Have a soft drink instead.


Some Facts:

175ml glass of 13% wine
2.3 units
25 ml glass of 40% single spirit & mixer
1.4 units
Pint of 4% lager
2.3 units
275ml bottle of 5.5% alcohol
1.5 units


The NHS Recommends:

              • Men should not regularly drink more than 3 to 4 units of alcohol per day
              • Women should not regularly drink more than 2 – 3 units of alcohol per day
              • “Regularly” means drinking this amount every day or most days of the week.

For Further Information Visit:

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Queen’s LGBT
Queen’s LGBT

Queen’s LGBT Society welcomes people who identify as Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender but also curious, open-minded and heterosexually identified people alike who wish to be involved in campaign issues or provide support to an LGBT friend. Today not only do its members have the opportunity to participate in social events but in support, training and political ones too. Queen’s LGBT are dedicated to providing you with the support facilities you require. 

Get in touch

Elms Village Sign
Current Residents
Current Residents

To help you settle in to your new accommodation and find all the local amenities, we have gathered all the information we think you will need.

Please read our latest QUB Guide to Living (located HERE in the Useful Documents section) to help you make the most of your experience. 

Don't forget you can log in to you accommodation account to submit a request form to:

  • Request a room move
  • Request a release from your contract
  • Report a concern
  • Notify us of your absence from Queen's Accommodation.

If you cannot find what you are looking for, please call in and speak with a member of staff at the Elms BT9 reception or the Residential Life team at the Treehouse reception. You can also contact us by email or telephone.


Telephone: +44 (0) 28 90 97 4403.



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Students at reception in Elms Village
Receptions at Elms BT1, Elms BT2 and Elms BT9
Your first point of contact at Queen's Accommodation

The receptions in Elms BT9, Elms BT1 and Elms BT2 are your first point of contact for advice, support and general enquiries. They are open seven days a week. 


Absence from Queen's Accommodation

If you plan to be away from the halls for longer than seven days, please inform your neighbours and site staff. This will allow us to account for you in case of an emergency.  

Bank Accounts

If you require proof of residency for opening a new bank account, please complete a Proof of Residency form at Elms BT9 reception. A letter will be available for collection within 24 hours.  

Bicycle Shelter

For the access code to the secure bicycle shelter, please speak with a member of staff at reception.  

Car Parking

If you are not allocated a parking permit in Elms BT9, there are two Pay Per Use carparks operating adjacent to Elms BT9 reception. The price of parking is £0.70 per 24 hours. If you wish to use these carparks you must register your car details at Elms BT9 reception (you only need to register once).


Vehicles delivering fast food and groceries ordered online are authorised to deliver to accommodation on the Elms BT1, Elms BT2 and Elms BT9 sites.

Departure Procedure

When departing from your accommodation please return your key(s) or key fob to reception and complete the necessary paperwork to finalise your checkout.  


It is advised that you register with a doctor at the University Health Centre. If you require medical treatment or advice outside surgery hours, weekends, bank or public holidays, you should contact - +44 (0) 28 9079 6220.

First Aid

If you require first aid at any time please contact Elms BT9 reception on +44 (0) 28 9097 4525 where one of our trained staff will assist you. If there is an emergency and you require an ambulance call 999.


Health and safety regulations require us to know how many people are in accommodation at all times. You can sign in one guest to stay in your room, however, there are limits on how long they can stay. Details for this and our Guest Policy are in the Useful Information section

Hoovers (Vacuum Cleaners)

Hoovers can be signed out from Elms BT1, Elms BT2 and Elms BT9 receptions and the Treehouse reception for 30 minutes by leaving you student card as a deposit. Your student card will be returned to you once the hoover is brought back in the same working condition in which it was signed out. 


Each student will be issued with a fob to access their accommodation building. The fob will allow students living in Elms BT9, BT1, BT2, Willow Walk and Grant House access to their bedroom only. Students living in Mount Charles, College Gardens and 76 Malone Road will be issued a fob for the front door and a key for your bedroom.

The fob/key will only give you access to your building, your corridor and your bedroom. Do not duplicate or lend your key or fob to anyone else. If you lose your key or fob, report it to reception where you will be charged £2.00 per fob and £7.50 per key (if replacement fob not returned within 30 minutes).

Lost Property

Lost property items can be handed in to Elms BT9 reception where they will be logged and the items stored safely for collection by the owner. Items not collected by the end of the academic year will be given to a local charity.


If you wish to make a payment for residential fees or other charges such as car parking or key charges, you can call into reception where your payment will be processed and a receipt provided. Payment queries can be handled by requesting a call or meeting with a Finance advisor between 9.00pm - 5.00pm every day. 


Royal Mail deliveries are received by the reception every morning Monday - Saturday. Students in Elms BT9 should check for letter post regularly.

If you live in Elms BT1 and Elms BT2, you will be issued with a key for your apartment post box located in the reception areas of thoses buildings; you should check this  regularly.

Parcel post is received at various times throughout the day. Once parcels are logged they will be held in reception and you will receive an email to confirm they are available for collection. All post can be collected by showing your student card/photo ID.

Post or parcels not collected within 4 weeks will be returned to sender.

Outgoing post can be left with staff at Elms BT9 reception for collection. Royal Mail collects the post at Elms BT9 at 4.00pm and 6.00 Monday - Friday and at 12noon on Saturday.

Public Telephone

There is a payphone located on the lower ground floor of the Treehouse at Elms BT9.


A Safety team operates 24 hours every day from the Elms BT9 reception and between 6pm and 8am every day at Elms BT1 and BT2. If you require assistance at any time please contact your reception or telephone +44 (0) 28 9097 4525.

If you are a student in 76 Malone Road, College Gardens, Grant House or Mount Charles please contact +44 (0) 28 9097 5098/99


There is a free phone for Value Cabs taxi services located at reception. Value Cabs is the only taxi service permitted on site at Elms BT9 to pick up and drop off at your building.

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How to get here

Travelling to your Accommodation
How to get to Queen's Accommodation

All Queen's Accommodation is located in Belfast, close to Queen's main campus. 

Elms BT9 is approximately 1000m from Queen's main campus. This is the check-in and key pick-up point for other Queen's Houses options including Willow Walk.

Check-in for Elms BT1 and Elms BT2 will take place in those accommodation buildings in the city centre.

Travelling by Air

Belfast is served by two airports, the George Best City Airport and Belfast International Airport.

George Best City Airport

This is the closest airport to Queen's Accommodation and is approximately five miles from Elms BT9 and four miles to Elms BT1 and BT2.  Bus and train services available at the airport will bring you to Belfast city centre, an additional bus journey will then be needed to bring you to Elms BT9 (see travelling by bus).

A taxi from the airport to Elms BT9 will cost approximately £10 - £15

Belfast International Airport

Belfast International Airport is located approximately 22 miles from Elms BT9 and 21 miles from Elms BT1 and BT2.  Bus services are available at the airport and will bring you to Belfast city centre. An additional bus journey will then be needed to bring you Elms BT9 (see travelling by bus).

A taxi from the airport to Elms BT9 will cost approximately £25 - £30

Travelling by Bus

Elms BT1 and Elms BT2 are located in the city centre. The Europa Bus Centre is approximately 250meters from Elms BT1 and 150 meters from Elms BT2.

There are regular Metro bus services from Belfast city centre to the University Area and Elms BT9. 

The 8b bus runs from the city centre to Elms BT9 from Monday - Saturday.  The 8a bus runs from the city centre to the main Queen's University Campus seven days a week, a 15 minute walk from the main campus will bring you to Elms BT9.
For information on timetables visit

Travelling by Train

Trains from Dublin to Belfast arrive at Belfast Central Station.  From here a train can be taken to Botanic Train Station which is a 5 minute walk from the main University campus and a 20 minute walk from Elms BT9. Alternatively a train can be taken from Central Station to Great Victoria Street Railway Station which is approximately 250meters from Elms BT1 and 150 meters from Elms BT2.

Information on tickets and timetables can be found here

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Elms BT9 Map

To view Elms BT9 and Willow Walk in a larger map please click on the link below:

Elms BT9 Map



Ems car park 800 x 533px
Parking at Queen's Accommodation
Available parking

Due to traffic congestion and parking restrictions around Queen's, the University asks students NOT to bring cars to Belfast.

A limited number of car parking spaces are available within Elms BT9. If the use of a car is essential, students can apply for a car parking permit online which costs £100 for the full residential year. A parking permit allows access to limited parking places on the Elms BT9 site only.

In order for your request to be considered, you must state your case in detail, specifying why you require a car parking space. Should you receive confirmation that you have been successfully allocated a space, payment in full must be paid at check-in.

If you are not allocated a parking permit, please note that students are asked NOT to park in residential areas around Elms BT9, due to traffic congestion and in consideration of our neighbours.

Pay Per Use Car Parking at Elms BT9

If you are unsuccessful in a request for an onsite parking permit or wish to park on a part-time basis, then this system presents an ideal solution. The charge is £0.70 per 24 hours.

Students can park in the two car parks located beside the Elms BT9 reception building on a Pay Per Use basis.

If you are not allocated a parking permit, there are two Pay Per Use carparks operating adjacent to Elms Reception. The price of parking is £0.70 per 24 hours. If you wish to use these carparks you must register your car details at Elms BT9 reception (you only need to register once). 

You will be issued with a parking authorisation disc which must be displayed on your car window. Failure to do so may result in your car being clamped and a fine is payable for its release.

How the parking system works:

  • When you drive up to the ticket dispenser a ticket will be presented
  • Remove and retain the ticket
  • The barrier will open
  • If you do not find a car parking space within 30 minutes then return to the exit barrier where you should present the bar code on the ticket to the barcode reader
  • The barrier will raise to allow you to leave
  • If you have parked successfully and want to leave the car park you must bring your parking ticket to Elms reception who will then take payment for your stay and issue a new bar code ticket
  • When you are at the exit barrier present the barcode to the reader and the barrier will raise
  • If for any reason you lose your ticket then please report to Elms reception. A charge will be made for the loss of parking tickets

If you have questions about the parking procedure then please come to Elms BT9 reception and we will be happy to help.

Visitor car parking

If you or your guests need to collect or deliver heavy items to or from your room, you will be allowed access to the site for 30 minutes. If you need more time please let us know. After 30 minutes, please ensure the car is moved and parked in the Pay Per Use car park. 

All guests must be registered at Elms BT9 reception and parking slips displayed at all times. Failure to do so may result in the vehicle being clamped. Please note that parking for visitors is limited and is subject to availability. 

Please be advised that there are no parking facilities at 76 Malone Road, Grant House or Mount Charles. If students park in these areas they will be clamped and fined.

Parking Charges

0 - 30 minutes
30 minutes - 24 hours
Each 24 hours or part thereafter







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