Cyber Security

Our Vision

To establish a global innovation hub in cyber security, making Queen’s the world’s leading centre for secure technology, research and development.

We are well on our way to creating our own Silicon Valley in Northern Ireland. In 2008 our Institute of Electronics, Communications and Information Technology was chosen to host the UK’s National Centre for Secure Information Technologies (CSIT).

This unique environment encourages collaboration among academics, researchers, engineers, industry and government to accelerate cyber security solutions and their commercial application. CSIT hosts the annual Global Cyber Security Summit, organised around the Centre’s key research themes of securing cloud computing, transport corridors, smart energy grids and financial markets.

Based at the Northern Ireland Science Park, in Titanic Quarter, this flagship Centre has helped attract over 100 high-tech FDI and start-up companies employing more than 2,000 people and is evidence of the wider economic benefits to be gained from translating science into business. Multinational partners include Cisco, IBM, McAfee and QinetiQ, whilst new ventures such as Titan IC Systems and LamhRoe will seek to emulate the success of earlier Queen’s spin-out companies including Amphion and APT. It is fitting that just a few yards away is the dry dock where Titanic was built. The engineering skills of yesterday have given way to those of the future.

Your investment in these new technologies here in Belfast will foster greater international collaboration with leading institutes in the USA, South Korea, India and Europe. International issues require international solutions and the global innovation hub at CSIT will have a unique focus on blue sky and industrial research projects.

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